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Do you think it's important to have passion about a niche or whatever you decide to do online to succeed online
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    About a particular niche, no. About online marketing or marketing in general, yes.

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    It depends upon how determined and disciplined you are.

    No, passion is not an absolute requirement. Many profitable marketers have been successful in niches and with products for which they have no passion.

    Is that the best way to do business? Probably not ... especially in the beginning. Passion for the subject will help some marketers stay interested and informed through the early lean weeks, months, and sometimes years of a business startup.

    Sometimes having a passion for the niche means you write more enthusiastically, and can have that "fire in the belly" that is contagious and appealing to the audience who is also passionate.

    But if you are disciplined and determined to focus on the long term, which many marketers aren't, that will sometimes make up for the lack of niche passion.


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    The niche doesn't matter. My core business is promoting PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers across MANY niches. All of which I have no passion for any of them.

    However, I have a huge passion for online marketing.
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  • Originally Posted by Writer98 View Post

    Do you think it's important to have passion about a niche or whatever you decide to do online to succeed online
    No you don't need to have passion. You just need a niche or group of people that is desperately looking to fill their void.

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    I think that it's NOT important to have passion about a niche or whatever you decide to do online to succeed online.

    What important is that we have passion with online marketing. Have passion with making money online.

    Do you think that Peng Joon, Ewen Chia... they have that much PASSION for 20 or 40 different niches that they are in right now?


    So it's NOT important to have passion about a niche or whatever you decide to do online to succeed online.
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    Hi W,

    If you want to enjoy the ride, following your passion means everything.

    If you want to be in the top.00001%, following your passion means everything.

    If you want to not enjoy the IM ride and don't care about being near the top, it's not important to be passionate about your niche.

    Being passionate gives you that *it* energy. Not being passionate, well, you could still make some dough and do this full time, but you won't really scale, compared to those passionate dynamos.

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    Originally Posted by Writer98 View Post

    Do you think it's important to have passion about a niche or whatever you decide to do online to succeed online
    It's not needed but can help.
    It makes it easier IMO.
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    Passion is fleeting.

    Competence is more permanent.

    Seek to get GOOD at marketing and everything else will follow
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    Hi good to choose a niche which you have passion as you will have the enthusiasm to find more solutions and information to share with your subscribers to build relationships. However, to be successful you cannot do it as a hobby or passion, you need to have strong drive and focus to meet your objectives set. Don't think anyone would want to earn just "hobby income".
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    Originally Posted by Writer98 View Post

    Do you think it's important to have passion about a niche or whatever you decide to do online to succeed online

    It is not just about that.

    But whether there are people - a specific group of people who are just as interested to know about that niche and want to learn from you because you know what they don't.

    That to me is one of the essential keys to success.
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    I think it's important to have Passion in the niche you are working in because it will allow you to enjoy the hard work rather than be bored and stressed by niches you have zero interest in.
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    Passion (or interest) in the niche is ONE way of helping you stick with it when you're starting your business. When you enjoy talking about something all day, it gives you a reason to keep working on the idea. Why is this important? Because most people give up after just a few days of working on a new idea. Businesses in the IM world don't fail in 90 days...they fail in less than 5. Anything that helps you keep focused and putting energy into the idea is an energy source for success.

    On the other hand, you do not NEED passion. A well-known marketer achieved some wins with urinal sales. I have a suspicion he's not passionate about urinals. Another I know got into the dental niche. He's not passionate about dentistry. Sometimes it's about the realities of the platform you're using: I was looking at Bing advertising and "sales training" didn't get a lot of results. But on a whim I typed in "birdcages" and whatdyaknow, thousands of results for that keyword. If I was to advertise on Bing, I'd pick a product term people were actually searching for. And I'd become passionate about that product because people are buying it.

    There are as many roads to success as there are people on the planet. Newbies want to believe there's just one, and that the guru is hiding it from them. 'Fraid that just isn't true. You can succeed with passion at the start...or you can succeed by becoming passionate because you like making money or working with people in the field. Have it your way, baby.
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    Passion will drive you a long ways. You will be able to build relationships and teach others how to succeed online! And through that you will be more profitable! Just my opinion.
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    I always liked the "Passion" for the process of doing business... whether it's online or offline

    Elvis has left the building

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  • You will definitely enjoy it more and provide more value to your audience if you have passion in your niche.

    I find that it is easy to come up with content ideas and produce content when I have passion. Also, I think it will be hard to make effective videos if you don't have passion.

    Your going to be putting in the time anyway, you may as well be doing what you love!

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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    I will say it makes the "job" a whole lot easier when one is passionate even if only somewhat with the niche as it will definitely allow the work flow to "flow" a lot more easier and not tasks that are self executed will seem a lot less stressful as it will simply feel a lot less daunting. The alternate option of course if its a profitable niche that you would like to explore and test the waters you could definitely outsource the parts of the jobs that need to be done to not have to exert so much mental energy and effort but still provide good quality and value for the potential prospects within the niche.

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  • Not for a Niche, but online marketing, business, entreprenaurship in general, oh yes!! otherwise it won't last long.
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    Passion for a niche can be a two-edged blade.

    Yes, having passion for a topic or niche can help you get through the tough times. And rest assured, there will be tough times.

    But those tough times can ruin that passion. Over the years, I've tried several times to build a business around my lifelong passion for fishing. Every time, the requirements of the business model ended up turning my fishing into work that needed to be done.

    I've come to the belief that your best chance to succeed comes when you combine a passion for the process with a passion for helping the people you've chosen to serve. It also helps if you have an interest in a particular topics. Bored writers tend to be pretty obvious, and pretty uninspiring
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    I do think that you need to have some level of interest in the topic that you want to pursue or else it might be hard for you to keep doing it for a long time.

    That being said I don't think that you have to be passionate about something to make money. If you see a need that's not being filled and you can create a solution, then you can create the solution and make money. Passion is a plus though.
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