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I am in the home improvement niche, and have seen a huge increase in spammy lead generation companies that use software which literally targets every town and country in the U.S.

The local listings are now choked with garbage template websites that use TLD's like .tech .press
and .top which these companies pick up super cheap. . They'll also buy totally unrelated expired domains and throw on a niche specific keyword as a subdomain and Google actually ranks this crap!- (they of course, have the town mentioned in the source code 20-30x) They are pushing down fully legitimate local companies whose only sin is being unoptimized. I find it pretty disgusting that Google hasn't caught on to this (or are they simply overwhelmed with the sheer number of sites to go after?)

My question is, what is the generic name of this software that is being used to do this kind of thing ?

I hope Google in one of it's future algorithms will targets and deindex these hundreds of thousands of bogus websites. It is complete spam, the one thing that Google says it wants to stop. Good luck
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    If what you are saying is true they should be relatively easy to defeat. Google has not done away with spam but it tends to be in niches where the competition is soft or where everybody in that niche is involved in spam.

    However it depends on how accurate your description of the sites are. Sometimes people are just upset that their sites have been outranked but your description sounds different.

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      Hi Mike- thanks for your reply

      They actually are easy to beat, and I've already done that in several instances but it's the volume of sites you have to deal with that is off-putting.
      I think the best way to demonstrate this, is to give you an example.

      My client is in the window treatment business in NH. One of his products is called a honeycomb shade- one of his nearby towns is Laconia.

      If I enter the obvious search term "honeycomb shades laconia nh"- there are only 3 legitimate window treatment companies and 7 sites like the ones I described above- which either redirect or promote a toll-free lead gen phone number- Look at the URLs and they are pretty easy to spot

      You can check these sites for yourself if you'd like by putting in that same search term

      Is this a case of sour grapes or is my sense of doing things on the straight and narrow misguided?
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        Originally Posted by liveformusic View Post

        Is this a case of sour grapes or is my sense of doing things on the straight and narrow misguided?
        To be honest?

        Sour grapes. Go out and kick some business booty and make money. Worrying about what another company (Google) does with their space won't get you anywhere.

        Hook up some quality links and dominate because when you see that it usually all you need to do.

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          Thank you, Mike. I have to agree, and I will take that advice to heart and refocus my efforts
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