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Hi, I've recently created a phpbb forum about strength sports. This is a topic I know about and I'm posting new topics everyday that I think people would be interested in. I've only had a few people joining, everyday it seems it's only spammers who join and post. Has anyone got any tips from experience or otherwise. I'm new to forums, I had my own sports supplements website for years which was successful but due to law changes in the UK I had to close it down. Thanks in advance
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    Forums are a catch 22. People want to join and learn from it, but if they arrive at your forum and nobody's posting - then they will think it's non-informative and will choose another forum to join. Some people suggest that you create your own fake profile and do some posting to make it look like your forum is active. This may work, but remember you have to find a way to keep people coming back to it over and over again. The first place i would market it to is my email list.
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      Yeah, I've did a little of that. Posting information from different accounts posts that I think would be interesting for visitors. Suppose I've just got to keep trying
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      Sound advice here. I would focus on building traffic through an email list.

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    One of my good friends actually runs a automotive forum for a specific type of car and I will tell you that given you yourself are already knowledgeable about the topic, make sure that you have the forum sections/topics structured nicely and start some relevant "stickies" that relevant to each section and fill it with some good content as that's the main reason people are going to the forum to begin with so when they come to a forum that doesn't even have any quality starting information/resources it will be a turn off to them.

    In the beginning allow the "sticky" sections to be either open and moderate them yourself to make sure they are relevant and clean so others are inclined to engage that come to the forum that are also knowledgeable about the topic and you will eventually get some good contributors who not only help add to the content but also you can start to acquire passionate moderators who will not only help you maintain the site and feel apart of the team as a whole but can also share it with their inner and outer circle of friends and acquaintances. These things may seem small but its a solid foundation and as content continues to be added i.e free trainings and tips videos etc.. it will grow as long as you continue to add QUALITY and no fluff to the site. hope that helps.

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  • Hi,

    Just a thought.

    Forums are very hard to grow these days.

    Grow a Facebook Group first.

    Then use those members to join in your forum.

    Because you can get fake profiles from fiverr etc... but engagement will be dead.

    Forums are a great way to move forward but it will take massive amounts of time and energy.

    My advice gorw Facebook group first, much easier and real people, then get them to join on your forums, then hopefully it will pick up itself
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      Originally Posted by Mohammed K Sheikh View Post


      Just a thought.

      Forums are very hard to grow these days.

      Grow a Facebook Group first.

      Then use those members to join in your forum.

      Because you can get fake profiles from fiverr etc... but engagement will be dead.

      Forums are a great way to move forward but it will take massive amounts of time and energy.

      My advice gorw Facebook group first, much easier and real people, then get them to join on your forums, then hopefully it will pick up itself
      I agree with this two step approach.

      I had a cold calling forum years back and it was a job to manage. Spammers joining every day. It was like weeding a garden.

      You need a traffic source. Think about joining like any other need that pre-qualified traffic, then a conversion tool.

      To get traffic, we either pay for it or go where the right people are. Yup, they're on Facebook...among other places.

      You encounter them on somebody else's platform. That's FB in this case. You want to draw them over to your platform...that's your forum.

      There had better be a good reason for them to move from FB to your forum.

      That's the risk and what you need to work on the compelling reason for. Why should they hop from that platform to yours? What can they get in the forum that they cannot from the FB group or page?

      Building a forum requires steady, long term effort. If you can get some known experts or influencers in there, that's a "draw"...a reason for people to get in and participate.
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    Forums are the best way because everyone who is belonging to the internet is going to join forums therefor you should try with forums.
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    I think that your best bet is to grow a Facebook Group or perhaps join an existing FB groups and look to point members to your forum.
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    Start writing with better titles then promote it to social media. You can include some photos, then you can invite guest contributors, conduct some give-away events
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    I would think that the best source of traffic would be social media, particularly FB groups as previously mentioned.

    As regards fresh content for posts, you could outsource some informed posts from knowledgeable writers at Fiverr, Upwork etc. if the workload gets too much.
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    I agreed that forum needs massive energy and time to grow. It requires patience and hard work to make it active.

    Facebook is the right platform to gain traffic to your forum, create a group then ask your member to join the forum soon after.

    Automatically, will generate referral and your forum will get busy.
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    One of the best ways to get the forum going is to invite those who are already in that niche.

    Search for blogs and websites in that niche and try and locate their contact details. If you can call them up nothing like it or else send them a mail briefing them about your forum and inviting them to join - for free of course. In fact you may need to tell them that it will create good publicity for their websites with their signature links and that they can even sell their products (similar to the WSO section here).

    You can also publish press releases to attract people who may be interested in hedgehogs. In the initial days your friends may also need to lend a helping hand.

    Why not put an ad in the Classifieds or Warriors Hiring section?
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    Hold contest? and blog commenting. and put up surveys/polls
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    You can join groups on facebook lots of traffic could be generated from this but you need to be an active member.

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    Use social media...a lot of people on facebook advertise their page and add their forums for people who want to learn a bit more. I've seen a lot of bloggers who use monetizing as an enticement to join their group or forum. You can also offer to give them a free tutorial but advise them to join your forum first by registering their email adds. In that way you can start having an email list and get more people to join.
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    Create several hundred fake profiles, spend the first months filling content by yourself. During that period promote heavily. Focus on keeping everybody in the same place in the beginning by having only one category.
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    Guys this is unreal. I've been messaging a well known European Champion on Facebook and he's agreed to do a Q and A on the forum. This could be big. I've only been advertising this online for the last hour (I know I'm probably jumping the gun) but no-ones asking questions lol done reddit, fb, twitter, tumblr. Anything I've missed??
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    Social media marketing is best method for your new forum promotion online for new users.
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    Hi, maybe start a fan page in Facebook.. Why don you try to connect those subscribers in your websites to your fan page
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    I help you to join (100 people) your forum and the at least one post.
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    I'm surprised no one has really talked about this . . .

    Promote your forum on sites where your targeted audience is already gathered: niche blogs, niche authority sites, niche product sites, niche news and events sites . . . these are the places where your audience can be found and where your promotions will be seen by those you want in your forum.

    Sometimes you will have to convince the site owner that it is in his best interest to tell people about your site (banner ad, guest post, direct linking, email ad, etc) where they can engage with one another, learn about the niche, and discuss various topics of concern to all folks in the niche.

    Doesn't it make sense to go where your best prospects will see you and give them a taste of what you have to offer? (Of course, you should already be building an email list).

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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