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I apologize I am extremely new to this, I just took over the Affiliate marketing and fulfillment for a large nutritional manufacture and fulfillment house and I am tasked with finding affiliate marketers that are doing Nutra business and offer them lower prices then anyone can. I just don't know how to find them. Can anyone help me?
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    There are a few missing pieces of information.

    1. Do you have an existing product line or are you private label?

    2. What type of nutritional products do you have?

    If these match up with your needs then do this;

    1. Go to places that recruit affiliates and get your product in there. They already have hundreds if not thousands of affiliates. A couple places are: Market Health, CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) | and LinkShare

    2. Google XYZ review, where XYZ is your product type such as multi-vitamin. You'll come up with many if you have lot's of products.

    Offer the site owner a deal to push your product as the best reviewed product.
    They already have a site on page one of Google, that's how you found it. So, they will likely be making some sales.

    Do the same thing with searching out YouTube reviewers.

    There you go.
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      its all private label and I have come across a bunch of ads being marketed but it is impossible to get to any contact. its all handled by call centers and things like that. I can easily beat the prices they are getting but I don't know how to get in touch to let them know?
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    Dont apologize man, you are very welcome
    One way is to post ads on specific FB groups or you can post one here at the WF in the right section.
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    You can offer your products to affiliate marketers and the higher rates will be more attractive to potential partners in affiliate marketing, but will of course eat in to your profit margins. Generally, the highest commission rates are offered on information products.
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  • Hi,

    1. Facebook groups (network marketing, affiliate marketing etc...)

    2. FB ads (But must be with a conversion system (Webinar ideally explaining the model) , so target people who are passionate about nutrition and business)

    I saw one guy who did this a made $1million in 30 odd days with the Kangen water product)

    3. JV partners: list it on JVzoo, clickbak, sharesale etc... (not all of them may allow you)

    4. CPA marketing: So offer conversion value, e.g. $1 per lead, or $30 per sale on cpa networks, e.g. max bounty etc...

    5. Create a free course "3 Steps on how to make money selling Nutritional products that you don't own", people will join the free course than give them the option to join your affiliate programme

    If you have any questions let me know.

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      You've raised some really good points here!

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