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months have gone by without making a dime in internet marketing....does it mean i haven't put in enough effort or that, i haven't gotten the right system that actually works.........whats happening..... is there even a system that works

My $$$.....GONE!
What Do I Do.......
Can QUITTING be the best option....
Don't know again....
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    months have gone by without making a dime in internet marketing
    Some people go years without success.

    Chris Farrell claims 14 years before success.

    Can QUITTING be the best option....
    Only you can answer that.

    It ain't for everyone.

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    Originally Posted by @Last View Post

    months have gone by without making a dime in internet marketing....does it mean i haven't put in enough effort or that, i haven't gotten the right system that actually works.........whats happening..... is there even a system that works

    My $$$.....GONE!
    What Do I Do.......
    Can QUITTING be the best option....
    Don't know again....
    To be honest there are so many variables and without knowing much about the specifics that you have within your system(s) its hard to say what's truly the problem. I will say that sometimes it may take certain systems months to yield results for one individual but another could have results within 24 hrs but again there are many variables to consider.

    Testing is definitely a must and sometimes you will have to test several offers, traffic, ad copy/sales copy etc...

    Quitting is only the right option for those who do not wish to succeed and reach their goals so that is completely up to you but One cannot suceed while having "quit" within their vocabulary when it comes to reaching your ultimate goal.

    As far as does the system work? have you contacted others and checked out other reviews on the product? Have you reached out to the creator for some assistance? Possibly you are using traffic that doesnt convert well with the offer/product if you are doing affiliate marketing and the creator can advise what is the most efficient traffic to use with their specific system.

    Take a breather gain your bearings step back and take it one step at a time and take a look at everything that hasn't worked well you already have that as an advantage. Sorry that i cannot add too much here but again without knowing what you are doing specifically this is the best that i can advise at this time.

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      Thanks Damian....your words really mean alot

      I must surely figure it OUT!!!
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  • Hi Buddy,

    Firstly, do not ever give up! ALL the successful people struggled and probably had the same thoughts you are having now.

    Develop this mindset:

    1. Always believe what happens, happens for your best interest
    2. Never GIVE UP
    3. Do whatever it takes!
    4. You dont want to make money but build a business

    I don't know what you are doing, I am sure you are putting the effort in, however is it the right effort.

    E.g you can do 1000 miles in London, but if your destination is in Birmingham (100 miles out of London), then you will never get there.
    So your busy, but not busy in the right direction.

    I have found after trying everything, CPA, affiliate, ecom etc... that the most profitable, and least competition is Local Marketing by far.

    This is my first post, so I don't know If I can post a link.

    But I provide Free training and coaching (the ones that people usually charge), for Free until you make $5k per month, because I am so confident that the strategies will build you a profitable business very quickly.

    The strategy is very simple, target people with a problem and give them a solution by pre-framing and qualifying so you only get people who will actually buy!

    If you got more questions please ask. Ready to help.

    Don't Loose Hope!
    FREE! Profitable Digital Agency Coaching
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      Originally Posted by Mohammed K Sheikh View Post

      Hi Buddy,

      Firstly, do not ever give up!
      I know what you're saying but sometimes it takes more courage to just realize that the best route is to NOT waste anymore time doing something you were not cut out to do...and just move on.

      Rather than dwell in misery trying to fight for something that will never happen !!

      Just my opinion
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    I am reminded by a student at my martial arts studio back in North Vancouver who exclaimed, "And I've been training hard for six whole months!" Any established student knows this is hardly enough time to begin getting good at a martial art.

    Two months is not much time in IM. Or anywhere. Would you expect to become a master carpenter--or even a competent one--in two months?

    You are having to learn a new set of skills. "Success" is a sale coming out of the other end of this funnel you've created...but at each stage the funnel falls down. You have to fix it at every stage. First you have to figure out how to drive qualified traffic. Then you need to get the opt-in page converting. Then your email series has to get the lead over to the offer. At least you don't have to get the offer to prove itself.

    My point here is "success" is a long way down the trail. Each one of those steps is a failure point that you will have to fix. And every marketer does. If I am talking to a prospect and they tell me they believe a copywriter should hit a home run right out of the gate, I'm outta there. They have unrealistic expectations (and they show me they have no experience, which is another turn-off.) Whether you have experience or not, you still have to figure out the steps for this funnel. These pain points. This offer. This call to action. The pros can diagnose problems and make improvements faster, but they still have to make them.

    Either you're committed to figuring this out for the rest of your life, as long as it takes...or you'll keep going on the merry-go-round of shiny object syndrome, trying things, dropping things, whining that the gurus are keeping secrets from you. I've seen members on this forum stuck in that mode for over half a decade. And it's their fault: they didn't stick with anything long enough to figure it out.

    What will you do?
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    I think that you should remember that if you were learning a new job that it would take months or for a profession years to learn it.

    You are near the beginning of your IM journey and know a lot more than you did when you first started. You do need to join a program that has a proven track record and follow the training.

    Keep going, you will get there.

    Best wishes
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      thanks for the advice
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    Hey, ask yourself whether you are progressing and learning more each day. If yes, then you are on the right track. Mindset is very important besides training and strategy. We join this forum to learn and share with each other. Many experts take years to succeed and they are still learning. My mentor took almost 20 years through trial and error to reach where he is today. FACE is the word he used to teach us.
    F - focus in what you are doing
    A - action. The value of an idea is in the use of it, that is, take action.
    C - commitment to put in time and effort.
    E - education through learning along the way.
    Set your goal and start fresh today.

    There's a will there's away. Cheers
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    Only if your a quitter! It's not so much the system as it is the process. Simple enough is to have a quality decent product that is proven to convert and being able to drive a lot of targeted traffic.

    Your not going to make money just sending a couple of visitors a day. Its all a numbers game. The internet is so large today. Roughly you need to get at least a hundred quality, targeted visitors to a good converting sales page to make a judgment.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Don't feel bad....but DO bear in mind that you've bought the 'dream' of having tons of money coming in for virtually no effort using a 'foolfproof' system.

    Those are the kind of words that newbies read and naturally believe.........and think that it really is that easy....and if if doesn't happen it is somehow your fault.

    Making money online is a business. Unfortunately products that are promoted for people to enter this arena make it sound dead easy.....and anyone who has had success will tell you that it is anything but EASY.

    The greatest lesson you can learn in life is...if it sounds too good to be true....then it's probably not true.

    Having said that, it IS doable...with work, commitment, application, patience (lots of that), disappointment, losses, dead ends etc etc etc.....

    Never Ever Give Up !!!

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    You dont have to quit. You have to make the business simple for YOU. This means you dont have to do every technique in the book in order to have a successful online business. Some people do it only by:

    - Youtube
    - Forums
    - Blogs
    - Writing

    What's your personality like? What marketing technique can you select that matches your personality type that will allow you to find marketing easy, all while still being profitable at the same time? I'm not encouraging you to throw all your eggs into one basket. There are more than 1 niche online. When you tap out one niche, go to another and do the same thing.
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    What is it that you have been doing?

    Most new marketers don't achieve success within a couple of months.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    Do Not let that feeling Bring you down,
    Use it , for more determination and LEARN of the past steps that you did,
    start over , focus on one method and keep doing it , master it...then move on.
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  • don't quit man. i do it 4 months before have 1$
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