so how much are you making online?

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I have a few people contact me recently asking "how much i make online?" something i rarely see discussed other than in WSO releases and sales topics which many can be "Fake" so opening this topic for "inspirational" purposes to all people that are new to the MMO scene....
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    Why would a marketer who earns a living online post his income on a public forum just because a stranger 'wants to know'? The only people likely to give an income are those selling to newbies - and you have no way to verify the numbers.

    Reality check: what someone else earns has no impact on what you can do. Obviously, people do earn money online or we wouldn't keep posting in places like this year after year.

    If "people" contact you asking how much you earn - what do you tell them???
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    I think that the you should not reply to people who ask you how much you make online. If you were to say a modest sum then they would try to tell you that they make a zillion dollars a year and that at a push of a button that you could make a similar amount of cash.

    Spend your time wisely on building your income streams.
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    • Exaclty, people always asking how much, its ridiculous.

      Everyone circumstances changes all the time, someone who is a millionaire today may not be tomorrow, but It doesnt mean you wouldn't learn from them, becuase they have the experience and knowldge.

      I read this book called Gurilla Marketing By Sohail Khan.

      Same story, made a million, got broke, than again made million.

      So the current income does not prove or disporve anything. Look at what value and knowldge people are giving.
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    You first
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    Average $500
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      Originally Posted by kzaman View Post

      Average $500
      Per hour, day, week, month, annually?

      I made eleventy-seven thousand before breakfast this morning.

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    Tell them you don't make alot so that they can think that you're just spinning wheels and "talking big". That way you'll decrease the amount of questions that you'll receive about your business. Don't let pride get in the way. Tell them you dont make much. Keep the truth to yourself.

    You can tell them that you made $12,093 last month and they STILL wont believe you anyway.

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    Actually there is no fixed income here. It may depends on the work category, Work time etc. Such as the Web designing work rate & Graphics Designing work rate are not same. So here there is not fixed Income. Thanks
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    They Have No Self-Confidence

    If they are asking how much we make online, they need validation. They lack confidence in themselves... for we know (I know) that anything is possible - especially in a viable, bonafide business.

    I am not here to beat them up (those people who ask), so let me address them directly...

    Are you choosing your profession *just* for the money? If so, get out now!
    It's a business and it requires work. It is very real, but remember, most businesses (of any type) fail. This is a reality check, and I male no apologies for it.

    So before you ask anyone else in IM how much money they make, I suggest you first ask your brothers, sisters, parents, friends, and acquaintances how much money they make. Based on their answers and reactions, you can then choose whether or not you'd like to keep asking this question, whether you are asking Internet marketers, or anyone else.

    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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    I do Not make enough Yet
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    Originally Posted by smurfboii View Post

    ...opening this topic for "inspirational" purposes to all people that are new to the MMO scene...


    NO ONE should take inspiration from the income claims of others. Why? It simply fuels the greed, jealousy, and envy of others. It's a large part of the reason that newbies easily fall for the outlandish make-money claims of those that prey on their newness and gullibility.

    As Kay stated above, there is no way to verify claims so they have no credibility or meaning. Even if there were a way to verify, what someone else does in his business has no bearing on what you can or will do in your business. So why get either excited or depressed about an income claim? It's guaranteed that you will not earn the same amount in your business.

    If you want inspiration, set a goal for yourself and a time frame with incremental steps toward meeting that goal. Get your inspiration from meeting one step after another until you reach your personal goal. Then start the process over again with a higher goal if you want.

    I would suggest you not focus on the money. The more you get, the more you want, and you will never be satisfied because there will always be others that make more than you do.

    The best to all of you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    If a newbie to internet marketing is motivated by the income potential without a passion to stick to what he is promoting, it might be a challenge for him to stick to the day that he can really bring some good income. Yes, it is possible to generate good income, but it is definitely is not a get rich over night miracle. Let's not focus too much on how much money you can make in the beginning.
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    Hi SB,

    I have never done income claims nor do I share with anybody who emails me or interviews me asking what I make. It clearly attracts people who want to *get* not people who want to *give* aka serve aka help generously.

    A few high level entrepreneurs asked me recently to share my income in the name of transparency. I politely declined, saying we were not a match.

    I also asked with a wink:

    "When you go to a doctor, do you ask him/her for their tax returns in the name of full transparency before you trust that they can heal your ailments?"

    I have learned how to trot the globe as a pro blogger by following advice from million dollar earners and penny earners too, because some folks who are quite helpful, energetic and on the way to becoming stars simply have not make much money yet, because there is always a lag between the income and the quality of a person's offering.

    Money also has nothing to do with your level of service, happiness and success. Each of our journeys is incredibly personable, tailor-made for our experience on planet earth. Which is code for the amount of a means of exchange called money (nothing more nothing less) that a person makes has no bearing on if a person can help you.

    This is a form of insanity, frankly, created by silly minds that sometimes meet in agreement as to some measuring stick our marker.

    If someone presses me on the income thing and I feel like I'm in a playful mood, I tell them "I make this," then attach an image of me sitting in a hammock in Fiji, Bali, Costa Rica, or wherever I am spending a few months.

    Always understand: if a struggling entrepreneur or even hyper successful entrepreneur wants to know about your income, in the name of "just being curious" or "transparency" it has everything to do with their lack of clarity and doubt in self and nothing to do with you. Never about you, always about them, because all actions are projections and if someone needs to see a pay stub before trusting you, they and their audiences simply do not trust themselves.

    On a side note, folks who are clear on doing income claims and enjoy sharing their journey - aka Pat Flynn and a few others - are on the right path for it works for them and for their readerships.

    I also know that when I was featured on Richard Branson's Virgin blog, neither he nor his writers asked how much money I made before going ahead with the feature. Billionaires are so obsessed with giving and focusing on individuals who give off a fun, loving, playful energy that they could care less about anything other than featuring folks who serve, help and inspire.

    OK that's my long reply for the day LOL.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    i was not meaning the exact numbers, just an average, just to show people it can be done as i see many people giving up thinking it "doesn't" work and wanted to start a post as an "inspirational" post for them to see people are making money online.
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  • it's the long street to make money online i think because we need a lot of knowledges. but we have a lot of ways to make money online you can find them in google. good luck!
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    You can make a lot of money from the internet because the internet has many sources to make money online free.
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