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I have been in internet marketing for 2 months now, have been spending but haven't made a dime...

I woke up today, deciding to seek for help in any possible way...

Am in Acne Treatment Niche
I have my 1 page website (an opt-in page)
I have a free report that will entice subscribers to opt in to my email list
I have a very good offer(affiliate offer) that will help to heal there skin condition
Have seek to drive traffic from different angles but none is yielding results

So now I came to you guys for your HELP
First of All, Am I in a Profitable Niche???
Secondly, Which Traffic source(both paid and free traffic source) will work best for the Acne Treatment Niche???
Thirdly, who knows the blogs and forums related to Acne treatment Niche where I could generate free traffic from???....

Your Suggestions will be highly welcomed and helpful, thanks in advance
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    could be any number of reasons why its not working....
    you got any more details...like a link to the webpage?

    what traffic source have you tried so far?
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    Hey, it is not a good move to build a website without first doing some research. Doing the research FIRST would have answered the questions you are asking here.
    "Acne Treatment" is not going to be easy to rank, maybe you should concentrate on a few sub-niches with long tail keywords, get ranked for those and build out your website from there, over time your ranking should improve, also think about cheap paid traffic from reliable sources.
    Good luck
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    1. What did your keyword research tell you?

    2. Did you figure out your Lead Generation system? Are you getting a sufficient number of leads coming to the opt-in page?

    3. Is your opt-in page converting? (Bringing traffic to a page is NOT the same thing as getting it to convert. Trying to combine traffic and conversion into a single step is the wrong idea.)

    4. Do you have a follow-up email series to qualify your leads and then entice them to go over to the offer page?

    5. What are the affiliate offer statistics?
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  • Don't Freak Out!

    Slow down and take a deep breath... you are in business and there is a learning curve. You have come to the right place to learn.

    The health niche is hot, whether it is profitable depends on you and your marketing plan. Remember, there are two sides to the coin... a hot niche usually means competitive keywords, and that means it is more challenging to generate profits. You'll certainly need a high-converting offer.

    You said you were not getting sales, but you did not mention if you are getting opt-ins. If people are landing on your page and they are not opting in, then you'll need to take a look at your opt-in page (copy, design, colors layout, and your lead magnet).

    If no one is landing on your page, you'll need to first take a look at how you are driving traffic (where is it coming from, what audience are you in front of, your ad copy if applicable, your call to action, etc.).

    This is a business of constant testing and tweaking. And once you figure it out, you'll need to do it again for your next product and/or niche. It will get easier as you go, but every niche, market, product, and even the time of the year, will affect your results. There is no substitution for doing.

    To find blogs and forums, Google "acne blog" and "acne forum" and variations of that. Also check groups on Facebook, Yahoo, and Google.

    And here's the best suggestion of all:
    Make a YouTube video of your review of the product offer. This video can lead people to a targeted opt-in page with a summary of your video content as the lead magnet. You can also try an A/B test where half the traffic is sent directly to the offer from the video. When they are ready to buy, they are ready to buy... the only downside of that is you won't capture their email address. Test it and see what works.

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    I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offers for nearly 17 years. I promote very few products and mainly lead generation offers because they are much easier to get conversions.

    I'm a path of least resistance marketer and one of my general rules when it comes to products is that you shouldn't be able to get something similar locally.

    The first thing that comes to my mind is...

    Why should users buy the product you are offering VS just going to Walmart or buying ProActive, which is probably the most well-known treatment?

    My next question is, are you getting sign-ups to your opt-in page / what is your cost per subscriber?
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    How is your squeeze page converting?
    what is the Conversion rate of the product you are promoting at the back end?
    Start with lead generation offers , they convert well
    and always split test.
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  • don't rush bro. you need more time to get money
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