why is micro niche finder giving me a green light for SOC but the comp is PR5 with 500+ BL

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Hi guys,
Why would my micro niche finder give me a green light on SOC but when i check out the top 5 sites for that keyword i see a PR5 site with 500+ BL`s sitting at the top ??

Is it ever worth going after a keyword like this i understand you can do some great BL tricks with some of the WSO here but is it really worth the time on most niches ??
Cheers Jim
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    You have to use all the data MNF gives you.

    If it gives you a green light for a specific keyword, it must have a reason for it. check the advanced results for SOC, ( the allinanchor, allintitle and allinurl )

    See which one is the weak link, and take advantage of that one.

    Some keywords may have

    allinanchor: 10.000
    allintitle: 5600
    allinurl: 80

    You have found your weak link here: if you can get that keyword in your url, you are golden.

    there are times when all the above are over 1000, and the SOC is still green (but it is around 40 or above), in this case just go to the next keyword.

    You'll se that the more you use MNF, the more you will like it, and you'll learn how to read all the data it gives you.

    good luck!
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    I have stopped using MNF..SOC results just... Arent accurate. All the info is pulled from Google... and we all know they sometimes appear to inflate numbers now and again.

    Good ol' common sense will always prevail.
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    I use MNF to initially gather my keywords, then I look at the top 10 results for each KW in Google to evaluate it for myself. Most of the time I can use the KWs I get from MNF but not always. If you do those two things in combination you should be fine. It's given me really good results.
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    Yep, the last 2 replies are dead on. SOC is just the first step. Don't take a green light as your green light. Take it as the green light to proceed to the next step, which is to check the Top 10 for vulnerabilities. If you see nothing but TLD's there, move on. If you see lots of inner page URLs, article pages, videos, etc. then you might have a realistic shot without spending weeks on backlinks.

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