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I would appreciate a recommendation I've been unemployed since January and need some income desperately.
Could anyone please recommend an online site that is legitimate and not a scam? I found one where you type in numbers because there is ad placement underneath and it adds up to $50 quite quickly but then found this one is a scam. Thanks!!
I am hoping for something legitimate rather than a survey site that pays $2. This is too low.
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    I don't think you can make a living with survey sites. A few legitimate options (seek help from others experienced in this niche as I haven't used it ever) are there on the Internet, but you will get just a few surveys to fill each month, if any. So, you are better off looking for other alternatives. Best of luck!
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    Why don't you try CPA marketing, they pay per lead, good examples are maxbounty and peerfly or smartadv ... that will certainly get you somewhere
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    Are you an academic or content writer? I suggest you sign up at Upwork, I've made some money there.

    All the best.
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    If you really need income ASAP
    I don't this will help... According to my experience there is no such thing.
    It takes specific mindset , tools and TIME to see some serious income online.
    What i suggest is find a regular part time job and use the rest of your time to build a serious asset online.
    Good luck.
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    need some income desperately.

    Desperation and making money online do not mix well.

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  • You should start off by selling your skills on places like fiverr, upwork etc...

    Get some capital then move to affilate marketing.

    Survey sites pay very less.

    Or you can goto FB groups and offer your skills, writing, graphic designs etc... to small businesses.
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    if you have any skill you can atlist create a listing on fiverr and start from their while you also look for something else

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    You may be try CPA marketing.
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    suffer in numerous tries to find something like that, but don't succeed yet.
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    Unfortunately, there is nothing online that will generate revenue overnight. Most marketers I've spoken to spent years online before they seen any profit.

    My suggestion is to seek out some employment to help pay the bills until you find a lucrative niche that you're passionate about for online earning potential. If you go to youtube and do a search for "workers on board" they post legitimate work from home jobs every couple of weeks or so.
    Good luck!
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    When I first started 10 years ago I did Inbox Dollars, which was a click earn site. It was legit but you make only pennies really. Not worth it, imo
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    If you're trying to replace your income without doing any work then you have a misconception about making money online.

    It's NOT easy for a complete beginner to go from not making anything online to suddenly pulling in enough money replace their job.

    That's not how it works in reality.

    In reality - you'll have to invest in not only the business you're running but in yourself too. Your mindset about making money online has to change.

    This same misconception is shared by the majority of the people who're attracted to this industry. And because of that, we have an over 90% failure rate.

    My advice?

    If you truly want to make money online, start hustling your butt off to find a new job. Then use a portion of the money that you earn in that job to fund your online business.

    I would suggest you start out by selling affiliate products through email marketing. So, you'll have to learn how to write emails that sell and drive traffic.

    It's really not that hard to learn if you have the dedication to succeed at all costs.

    And if that's you...

    Hopping from scam to scam is not going to cut it and you're only going to be wasting your time achieving nothing.

    Good luck!
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