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by amunt
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Out of fifty clicks from Bing Ads, zero optins. Freely admit my expertise in the landing page field is limited. I have been selling courses and making a living directly from youtube videos, but took warriors advice and ventured into building a list. I thought I'd start with a big give away to establish a bench mark - zero optins, well not quite, but the one who did never confirmed

The landing page:

Could it be that list building just isn't worth it in this sector because the pickings are so slim? I get a lot of free views on youtube which leads to sales, have 100,000 + subscribers, but can't see how to grow the business without building a list.

Any advice?
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    Freely admit my expertise in the landing page field is limited.
    I would look at your targeting. Did you use the keyword tool? PPC has a steep learning curve. Expecting your first test to be successful is unrealistic.

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  • Firstly, turn off your double optin in (unless you really have to)

    Secondly, Does your landing page have a clear Headline, Value proposition and call to action?

    Why are you not capturing leads from Youtube. You have done an amzing job builind a channel, test your optin pages with your Youtube traffic.

    In terms of Bing and PPC, I have found in particular with bing, the leads are not that valuable (depends what you are selling obviously)

    Try Facebook PPC, targeting is much better.
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  • you can use facebook ads. it's better
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    Why did you ignored to test with youtube traffic?

    You had a great tool to test. Don't waste it.

    If it's convert with Youtube traffic, it's gonna convert with Bing as well
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    I think that firstly you should get rid of the double opt in. Make it easy for people to get onto your list.

    I think that your heading on the squeeze page needs to be more enticing. Tell the visitor that they can within a small number of days be speaking spanish and that it will be fun and easy to learn. Get visitors excited!

    The wording as it is sounds a bit like something that you would read in a technical manual.

    Very best wishes
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    the traffic wasn't targeted well . you can even receive 10000 click my if not without optins if your traffic is not targeted well

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      Originally Posted by nickyz1 View Post

      the traffic wasn't targeted well . you can even receive 10000 click my if not without optins if your traffic is not targeted well
      I agree, but not sure how to narrow further. Say my key word is 'learn spanish' or similar, how would you make it more targeted without ending up with no ad impressions?Thanks
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    Just my 2 cents ...
    If you r getting traffic but no conversions ... then it indicates either your audience are not targeted or your landing isn't good to convert.
    I looked at the landing page & honestly, I am not convinced to give my mail Id. See if you get that script updated.
    Think about your YouTube channel, How/What are you asking your for viewers to get signed up.
    One other suggestion is ... check out other language teaching courses & try to get inspired for some ideas for your landing page.
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    Hi, you offered a free audiovisual download so by right you should be able to get optin unless those who clicked are not targeted or out of curiosity. Yes in Facebook ad, you can select targeted audience but they may not optin. Start small Budget for a trial or join & post in related Facebook group which is free to test out first. Cheers
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    Hi there... I highly recommend you to split-test your ads and landing page!

    The average conversion rates with landing page is between 30-50% so keep in mind that number.

    Keep testing!
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    1. Not a good landing page design.
    2. First section text is unreadable.
    3. Remove the captcha verification.

    Page load speed is relatively slow you can improve it.

    I see you are using wordpress try this plugin for creating landing page :

    I would highly recommend you to spend around $50-100 on a landing page designs. And get multiple designs and test them nothing works out of the box you will have to test different things to identify and fix the problems.

    Lastly don't give up something is better than nothing.
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    If I was interested in learning how to speak Spanish and landed on your landing page...

    Do you know what I would do?

    Back out and go somewhere else. The #1 reason for that being that the page design doesn't look good and obviously hasn't been tested for high conversions.

    You have to really think about the image that you're trying to portray here. Here's some questions that you should ask yourself:

    1.) Would I opt-in to this landing page if I was my audience? And why would I choose myself over one of my competitors?

    2.) Is the design and image that I'm portraying have a high quality design that's set up for high conversions?

    3.) Is receiving 50 clicks a reasonable sample size? You might just need to adjust your targeting and do more testing.

    But if you're going to try to be building an email list, make sure that you pay attention to the quality of your landing pages...

    It plays a bigger role in your conversions than you might think.
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    The landing page is all wrong.

    Add your email to receive more videos just like this
    ??? Like what? I haven't looked at it yet and I don't have time to.

    Do not put a video on a landing page (first point of contact) unless it is a fast-paced upbeat sales pitch featuring a very charismatic ad attractive speaker.

    1. Create a lead magnet that solves one specific problem your visitor likely has. People who learn languages all have specific issues: procrastination studying, fear of speaking out loud in front of fluent speakers etc. Address ONE such problem and promise to solve it. Doesn't matter if it is a video or a pdf.

    2. Express this promise in your headline. Concise, powerful, to the point.

    3. Back up your headline with 2-3 short paragraphs making them feel their pain and reinforcing your promise to make it go away. Your paragraphs are below the fold and they are too long.

    4. Under the short paragraphs have a dynamic optin form with an exciting button that restates the solution. Not "Submit". Rather one last pitch saying "Yes! Send my FREE report now!", or "Yes! Give Me Instant Access To Your Video!", or "Yes! Show Me How To Overcome My Fear Of Speaking To Strangers In Spanish!". Then a button with some text like "Get Me Started Now!"

    5. Finally you need trust page links at the bottom. "Your information will never be shared or sold" is stating the obvious and that is the wrong place to put it. Everyone knows a legitimate operation does not spam. You say this in your privacy statement which is one of the trust links.
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