38 Marketing habits every internet marketer should have.

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1. Start your day with fresh motivation
2. Write a good blog post and share a helpful information daily.
3. Listen to your customer what they need actually
4. Always keep a note on creative ideas for future plan
5. Read a popular motivation book.
6. Create a good looking facebook business page
7. Create a twitter profile
8. Create a pinterest profile
9. Create an instagram account
10. Create a google page
11. Use your social media to engage fans
12. Send an email newsletter
13. Offer a discount or special offer to your customer
14. Collect email address and build your list.
15. Host a giveaway.
16. Ask customer to give testimonials
17. Sponsor a cause to get reputation
18. Get interviewed on a blog or podcast.
19. Use seo to drive traffic
20. Use google adwords,bing to get traffic to your site or blog
21. Advertise on facebook.
22. Advertise on twitter.
23. Advertise on linkedin
24. Join linkedin groups to get customers
25. Advertise on pinterest
26. Attend a new event.
27. Offer a freebies to your customers
28. Thank your customer
29. Always review your competitors
30. Host an online webinar.
31. Write a guest post for popular blogs.
32. Submit your articles.
33. Write a press release.
34. Create video and upload to youtube to market your business.
35. Join facebook groups and post your messeges.
36. Launch your info products and ask affiliate to promote your business.
37. Create your own facebook group.
38. Always don't forget do all work daily and give more value to your post.

So I hope this information is valuable.
If you came to know any marketing habits we are happy to learn from you. Please share with us.
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