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Hello users! I am tester in Rainforest QA - user of CrowdFlower, but I want to learn from this world CPA and Marketing would be very grateful for your answers my questions are as follows:

In short, I can generate profits in the CPA, for promoting the offers in the section called "Leads" Microworkers and Picoworkers?

Then I create the campaign for a single country that I indicate the Newtork CPA, I pay 0.9 to each worker .... assuming that the worker is from the country required by the offer and sends his information correctly. Will the CPA pay me for that potential customer?
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    There is no good answer - You have to try and see. Just deposit $10 and run a test job then check conversion. You can try different platforms: Microworkers, Picoworkers.com or Rapidworkers
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    No, you'll just get banned.
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    Banned from where? Those network you mean?
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    If I understood the initial post correctly, he wants microworkers to complete CPA offers. Most - if not all - CPA networks do not allow such traffic.
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    Old thread but this is a big no no.
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