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HI there m a newbie marketer, recently started doing maxbounty and bing PPC, and i want to know how can i promote offers like diet, weight loss, hair serum or lead offers thorugh adword, please guide me though it.

Subhom S.
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    I would say that's likely a no go.
    AdWords and cpa offers are difficult and often don't go well together. I'd stick with bing or use a different traffic source
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      ok, then for which purpose i can lvrge adword traffic? only email leads?
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      Can you promote anything you want with bing? I heard someone say that on a YouTube video
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    Maxbounty can be hard go with bing ads. It's simple and helps to generate leads efficiently.
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    In My Opinion Adwords is too expensive...
    Bing ads works better for CPA especially if you Optimize Well You keyword research and your campaigns.
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    you can also consider email media for fast results. try with small amount and after some results you buy more traffic

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    yes m currently focusing on only BING, still since google is the master of all traffic no matter how expensive it is, i want to know about it, which type offers or how to use adw traffic? any one can help?
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    well those offers will not do well on BING as a direct link. plus weight loss will be bad... and you do not want to start utilizing BH as it will get the account banned. I would suggests having presells pages and promote on native.
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  • Hi

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    Hope this helps
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