There are LITERALLY hundreds of ways to make money online, here's just one

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Don't you dare believe the people who tell you it's gonna take you months or even years of slaving away, churning out blog post after blog post, and then waiting, hoping, praying that Google Amighty will show you some love.

That's just one way to do it.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make a living online. Right now there has never been more opportunity to succeed. There's an abundance of wealth, despite what the news tells you.

The fact is you can do VERY well with a single post.

So here's another way to do it (but it's not the only way).
  • Use Buzzsumo to find what's popular in your niche
  • Write a piece of awesome content that improves what's already there
  • Pixel the traffic coming to your article
  • Run an FB campaign ONLY for those people
  • Get them onto your list and work your magic

How much is that gonna cost you? I'd start with $5 - $10 to test and tweak things.

EDIT: Added more detail upon request.


Buzzsumo will let you see what's going viral in any niche. Put in a keyword or phrase and away you go. You'll see what's being shared on social media. It's not perfect and it's not always 100% accurate, but it's the best we got and it will give you a rough idea of what's being shared.

Now that you know what people WANT, you can create unique content that's even better that what's being shared right now.

Creating content

There's a very simple 4-part formula that I stick to, this is it:
  • Why
  • What
  • How
  • What if

There are 4 types of learner, so that means we gotta teach in 4 ways.

Sounds time consuming, but it's not. Each one of these can be a single sentence or paragraph, apart from the the 'how' section.

The 'how' is the most important part, and should make up at least 60% of your piece of content.

Pixel your traffic

Installing the Facebook pixel code onto your site is pretty easy if you use Wordpress. Most themes have an option to add custom code to the header.

The sooner you install this, the better. You're gonna need around 25 hits for the pixel to start working.

One it does, it will start tracking your website visitors and collecting data about them.

And you're doing it really cheap, too. It's called retargeting.

Imagine that, you get to advertise to highly targeted people, for pennies.

The Facebook campaign

Once your pixel is up and running, you can create a custom audience inside Facebook ads. This lets you run adverts JUST for the people who've visited your website.

Why would you want to do this?

The people who've visited your site are no longer 'cold' to you or your brand. There is a small level of familiarity, and if you've given them awesome content to begin with, there might even be a degree of trust there.

Get them onto your list

Your Facebook ad campaign should be sending traffic to a squeeze page - NOT a sales page, at least not at this stage.

To increase the chances of people subscribing to your email list, offer them a freebie - a lead magnet. This can be a short PDF, cheatsheet, checklist, video, anything that they will find valuable and help them to improve a situation.

That's how the pro's do it. This is just the beginning though, we can take custom audiences to whole new levels.

But for now, hope this helps.

And hey, in the background go ahead and build your authority site that people will flock to for years to come (free traffic is great) - but that does take time. Don't let not having it built yet put you off making bank.
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