How do I scrape USA domains that have a specific keyword in it?

by Murkr
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Hey guys,

I'm having a hard time getting SEO clients "what a surprise" lol. I've now resorted to cold calling, FML.

Anyways, I'm trying to find businesses to call but im not too productive with my current methods. What i currently do is type "roofing" in google maps and just zooming into a certain spot on the map and then start looking at all the companies in that area. There has to be a better way lol.

Question: Is there a way to scrape only USA domains that have a certain keyword in it?
EG: the keyword "roof", then i get all the results like etc..

PS: I have scrapebox but not sure how to set it up to get my questions results.
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    No the list of domains is HUGE and available nowhere on the web plus you wouldn't want it because it would include domains not in use. There is somewhere else you can scrape but I wouldn't want to be advocating violating some sites usage wishes on an open forum.

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      FML x2. I didn't even think of that issue.

      Yeah I also tried sorting through popular citation directories but found a lot of results didnt even have a website.Geez, i'm an idiot for not thinking to scrape them lmao. thanks for the tip.

      ^^The most ethical commenter I've ever seen lol.
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    Well after researching some I believe this is gonna be harder than I thought. not sure if scrapebox can do it. everyone else online is making their own programs and such
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    Go to the offline section of the forum and look at all the threads about cold calling and finding leads. Some good ideas can be found how to find roofers.
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    Your target market is on the 2nd or 3rd pages of Google if you are selling SEO. Maybe instead of selling SEO first, maybe find a website on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google that isn't responsive or up to date and try to sell that first.

    If you know how to look a code. Look for websites where you could update their title tags and H tags and see a massive improvement with only those small updates with no real SEO working being done.Offer to do it for free and if they watch their page jump up to the next page then you have a client.

    Think outside the box....that's the key.
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      thank you, good idea.
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    Hi M.

    How about you blog about your SEO skills, give out your insight for free, build your friend blogger friend network by generously promoting other bloggers, and let the clients come to you?

    If you plan on doing this for a few years anyway, may as well do it right versus the shot in the dark, fear-based, impatient approach of cold calling, and chasing clients.

    Whatever you chase, flees.

    Be The Hunted. Not The Hunter. Much more prospering, and easier too.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    hey! i have some confusion about outreach. Can someone share the tricks?
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    Try this Google search:

     roofing + allinurl:roof
    You will get some pages where "roof" is not part of the domain but you will get a lot of relevant results as well.

    You can do this in advanced search and limit results to USA.
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