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Hey I'm David and I've spent the last 6 months learning internet marketing and doing nothing with that knowledge besides a little bit of consulting. I'd like to promote my first affiliate product through Clickbank and to do a PPC campaign.

I can't make up my mind on what product to promote, though. For those of you who have made money on Clickbank, if you were a first-time affiliate knowing what you know now, what criteria would you look for in a product to promote via PPC? Would you want lots of competition or not so much?

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    I would go with CPA offers, its quite easier to "sell" people nothing and get paid for it!

    But if you really wanted to do Clickbank. Its really simple.
    Search what your interested in and promote high gravity products
    But not the highest gravity. I'd say 40-70 is a good number.
    Go to the products website without affiliate link
    now, cut and paste the domain and go here:

    You will see an option of "how do you want to generate keywords" and click domain

    copy and paste.

    Use these keywords for starters...

    Build a good keyword list and then TRACK! TRACK! TRACK!

    Otherwise you will loose your shirt.

    Hope this helps.

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      Hey thanks it definitely does help to have some criteria, and I am interested in doing some CPA in the future but right now I'm focusing on affiliate marketing until I can get that down!
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    My criteria for promoting CB products via PPC are:

    Gravity: 20+
    % Commission: 50%+
    Commission earned: $20+
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    I would go to cb-analytics.com (Clickbank Analytics) and find at least 6 or 8 good products that were maybes, then research them using the Google Adwords tools. Do the research just like you would niche research and pick the one that looks like your best bet. For a first effort you want a product that's medium -- it's selling but doesn't have a huge gravity number. Set a dollar amount to spend on PPC, then give it a shot. You might get lucky on your first campaign, you might not, but you should learn a lot. Just don't go over your dollar limit. The best way I've found to learn anything and everything in IM is just do it, then figure out how you can do it better next time.
    Ally Woodrum
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    Originally Posted by davidmerrick View Post

    I can't make up my mind on what product to promote, though.
    There's some good advice here but the bottom line is you need to take more action.

    If you started promoting one or two products you'd soon develop the skill for choosing products that are more likely to make you money.

    Start DOING things instead of over analyzing.

    Sure you'll make mistakes but that's how you learn.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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