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How can I reduce the bounce rate of mine website? Can I Use "Remind Me Later" Plugin for this problem?
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    All sites have bounces. In fact, for some queries, a bounce is expected (like "what is the temperature outside?"). A bounce is not necessarily a bad thing. If they found the information they wanted on the page and did not have to go anywhere else to get it, they should bounce!

    On the other hand, if they stayed on your page for 5 seconds and pogo-sticked back to the search results, clicking on another listing, it could be a very bad thing.

    You reduce bounce rate by making sure the content matches the title and description tag and then making sure it is high quality, grammatically correct content that satisfies the user's query.
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      Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

      You reduce bounce rate by making sure the content matches the title and description tag and then making sure it is high quality, grammatically correct content that satisfies the user's query.
      That's it in a nutshell!

      I would add that it's important to have easy navigation within the site. Recommend other posts (there are plugins). Give them related content to read or use, so they stay longer on your site. If you notice that people are coming to read a certain article, expand on that article by writing more articles relating to that one. If your first article tackled the 'who', then your next one could talk about the 'why', for example.
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    Here are tricks I've used to reduce bounce rate by 50%

    Use a longer page

    Use question sub-headings

    Use a video

    Use an infographic

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    Here's what I would suggest you begin with:

    1- High quality targeted traffic

    2- Coming to a very compelling sales page, or blog post, or other content (whatever it may be).

    You keep people on your site by offering them exactly what they are looking for.


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    The PRACTICAL Way to Reduce Bounce Rates

    To reduce your bounce rate, you need to understand why people leave (bounce). There is way more I can write here, but I am going to keep this simple... people bounce because they are not getting what they are looking for.

    It's that simple... if you address that problem, you will reduce your bounce rate.

    So here are a few easy tips:
    • Write better titles - Write titles that address the criteria that brought them to your site in the first place and keep them keyword rich
    • Be creative and even controversial in your titles
    • Provide high quality content - Give them something amazing, with real value and substance... they'll stick around longer and look for more things
    • Keep it clean - Don't clutter your landing pages. Make it easy for users to get around and find what they need
    • Tweak your traffic sources - The wrong traffic will have very high bounce rates. Be sure to not only check your sources, but also the ads (if applicable) that drive them.

    Also keep in mind that bouncing is normal... we just want to reduce it (which is what you said).

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    Make your Pages attractive..
    and your text telling stories ..
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  • Look at your bounce rate report and analyze which pages have the most/high bounce rate. From there, you can re-check the pages and check why you are getting high bounce rates. Start with your content. Improving your content helps a lot. Try to also look at how your website looks and feels and see if there is something that you can do to improve usability and navigation. Test, test, and test. Split testing is very important too.
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    You have to optimize your website images, videos & content to reduce the bounce rate.
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    You can decrease your bounce rates by various ways. For example creating quality and engaging content is very first step to reduce bounce rate. Make your website navigation easy and interlink your content. Use visuals like images, videos, infographics to create more user engagement. These are some of the effective ways to reduce your bounce rate.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    First, I would make sure, the site offers value to the visitor, If you just put up some junk content and loaded in the the affiliate links-or banners, then you can expect a high bounce rate.

    Make sure you cover your topic and cover it well.

    Then of course, you should have a free gift for them,so you can get the email.

    This can be in the form of a free report, video or newsletter--of course, you can have an exit pop-up to capture people who leave the site as well.

    Second, make sure the traffic you are bringing to your site is targeted.

    I mean, if it is just junk traffic, it does not matter how cheap it is, you are not going to make much, if anything from it.

    Hope this Helps.
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    Stay on topic with every single blog post Abhishek, and make sure you follow up on title promises with in-depth, helpful, relevant blog posts.

    If people feel your blog post content matches the title well, you will lower your bounce rate.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Reducing bounce rate is the sole aim of any website owner. However little does one know that tackling bounce rate requires both an on page and off page approach. here's how,
    1. On Page:
    Interlinking your webpages with one another is a great method of reducing bounce rate. Couple it up with good quality content and you are all set to go.
    1. Off Page
    Procuring high quality backlinks is a prime method here. Having said that, one needs to ponder certain other techniques to get the best results.

    I hope this helps.
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    Improve Your Content's Readability
    Avoid Popups - Don't Disrupt the UX
    Keep Your Blog Fresh With the Right Content
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    add a video of at least 5 mins on your page
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    Have a look at this video from Neil: it's a great resource on how to decrease bounce rate. It's a video of the real basic concepts on how to decrease bounce rate but there are also a couple of others that get into more details.
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    Like they said "content is king".
    I think you should focus on the content of your site first.
    And then focus on what the viewers are expected, what they are really looking for.
    Some more videos will also keep viewers on your site longer. For me, i use the "Clipman" to create attractive videos easily.
    Have a look at "Clipman" here:
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