Do you need a landing page to create cpa offers?

by bm2
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Do you need a landing page to create cpaoffers or can you use the owner of the offers landing page and just drive traffic to it?
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    It's better to create your landing page before redirecting the visitors to the owner's page, that way you have total control of what you do to increase conversions. Meaning, you can warm up your prospects by highlighting the best benefits they would get if they purchase the product / service of the owner. You may also capture email addresses to create a an emailing list for recurring purchases. Hope this helps
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    Do you need a landing page to create cpaoffers or can you use the owner of the offers landing page and just drive traffic to it?
    Having a landing page almost always increase sales and profit from campaigns. It's strongly recommended to use your own whenever possible.
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    Having your own landing page for the cpa offer is best like my fellow warrior has rightfully said cause it helps you stand out from the crowd and helps you convert more than using the generic landing pages that everyone is using.
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    Look for a service that lets you create unlimited landing pages that can either capture a lead, or create a simple "bridge" page that sells the offer for you. You'll have better luck with paid ads using these too.
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    In my experience.

    No matter CPA offer or affiliate offer, best way still is create a landing page

    Usually getting higher conversions

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    You can test both ways to find out. when running ppc ads I do this. build a simple bridge page or a landing page and capture emails first.
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    I'd create landing page for redirect
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    Creating your own landing page is always better. First of all you stand out from the rest of the crowd, secondly you can capture their email address and continue to market them.


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    Listen, best way to run cpa is to "test the offer first", regardless of what people on here will tell you.

    Direct link the offer for around 100+ so clicks if you can afford it and see what your results are.

    It's going to depend on your targeting, advertising platform and your audience man.

    If your ad copy is congruent with your offer it should do ok, if not, you'll know soon.

    If you get some conversions on the direct linking then "test" out a couple of landers.

    Test email opt-ins versus someone that comes to the lander and clicks a link and goes directly to the offer.

    Yeah you can capture emails (if someone is interested in the offer in the first place), but you also want to know if the offer will convert or not.

    Makes no sense to create a landing page if you don't have data to back up if the offer will convert or not, right?

    You WILL NOT know what will work until you test. Anything else is just utter bs. I'm getting so tired of all these canned answers everyone is giving on this forum as a whole.

    Test the offer between direct linking versus one or more landing pages.

    Figure out what is converting better for you with the offer and keywords that are generating the conversions.

    Tip: I always use the "query" string in the tracking URL and use those keywords on the landers/ad copy.

    Yes, you can create a landing page to "capture email" and what not but you better have a dang good landing page that's "RELEVANT" to the offer, not just some LP that is just thrown together.

    Check this out, it's pretty great at creating landing pages in Wordpress and HTML if you want a stand alone; it's $27 or $29 a month. #noaffiliatelink

    I use it, it's simple, it works...period!

    Have any questions, hit me up, would be glad to help.

    P.S. Running seasonal offers around this time is killer too. It's all in how you go about this game and business.
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