Know how to GRAB your readers' attention?

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Hello everyone,

Just thought I would share the following:

Without doubt, the most important element of an Article is the Title. Unless the title of the article reaches out and grabs the readers attention there is NO chance that he/she will click on it. There is such a huge volume of information now available on the web - why bother reading something that doesn't look interesting?

Discovering these simple tricks about how to catch people's attention will guarantee that YOUR articles are never overlooked...

Base your headline on someone's problem and on your solution to that problem. Let's face it - people are most interested in THEMSELVES. They want to believe that you understand them.

eg Toddler Tantrums - How To Turn Your Two Year Old Into An Angel!

If you run out of ideas regarding what you reader's problems might be, go to a few forums in you niche and look at the questions people are asking. That's what their problems are!

Evoke curiosity - make your headlines as intriguing as possible and people won't be able to resist having a peek inside! Curiosity is a very powerful human emotion - the more hidden something appears, the more we want to know what it IS.

eg Poultry Farming - What hens have in common with Mel Gibson.

• If you have had some success in a certain field - and can verify this success - a "Copy This" headline can be very effective. People like to feel that they have a leader and that they can just follow step-by-step. Some people like the idea that they won't have to think too much for themselves.

eg Article writing - Copy this system and become an expert article marketer !

Hope these few tips are of some help to someone...


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    Elaine - excellent post and some good words of wisdom.

    And of course, once you DO get their attention, you should continue grabbing their attention throughout the article so that they continue reading.
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    Thank You Winebuddy!

    Yes, you need to hang on to them for dear life until they arrive at the Resource Box

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      Well said and done ^^

      just to add, to this post..

      - and you should try to connect with your readers as much as possible, addressing their pain and giving information.

      - the word "you" is a very powerful word in achieving that "connection"

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