How would you suggest an effective online marketing strategy for small business?

by Netway
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What is the best way to promote business online?
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    Get and follow Claude Whitacre's book, "Local Online Marketing," on Amazon/Kindle. Affordable and effective.
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    Originally Posted by Netway View Post

    What is the best way to promote business online?
    Your signature and website has all the answers for you.
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    Originally Posted by Netway View Post

    What is the best way to promote business online?

    There are obviously many ways to promote business online. Here are just a few steps to leveraging your own efforts:

    1- Be sure you have defined your audience very specifically. These are the folks you want to promote to - they're the ones that should be anxious to hear from you because you have exactly what they want. Give them every opportunity possible to join your mailing list so you have permission to contact them often.

    2- Focus on quality . . . quality products, quality content or training in the niche (at your web site), quality communications with your audience, quality offers, and quality customer care.

    3- Brand yourself and your business as being authoritative, customer-centric, approachable, understanding, and genuine. Everything you do and say in your business should support and re-inforce your brand. Every piece of content, article, email, product, training, etc that leaves your fingers should display your brand.

    4- Give customers and prospects something important to talk about. Part of your responsibility is to help your audience discover things about the niche that they didn't know before. These are strategies, methods, tactics, ideas, thoughts, solutions, stories, experiences . . . anything that will help or assist your audience to have a better life, business, existence, or "being" (meaning health, happiness, relationships, talents, mind set, education - whatever personal issues are important to the person).

    5- Get other people to promote your business for you. Yes, this encompasses a lot! The idea is to leverage your own efforts to promote by helping others to want to promote for you. They will do it if they find your brand, advice, and products are truly outstanding. Get people in the niche talking about your great business and how it is different or exceptional to others in the niche. [This topic done well, btw, will open the door to high income, opportunities to JV, and in the future it can give your business high value when you decide to sell it.]

    The very best to you,


    P.S. Money to spend on promotion can greatly help the whole process happen at a faster pace than without it. Yes, you can bootstrap your way to significant business success but the end result will take some precious time. Here's another truth: throwing good money at bad promotion isn't the answer either. Learn what you are doing first, then start small, test and track, and ramp up the winners and dump the losers.

    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    You have to consider some critical facts that definitely help to your online marketing success. Many bloggers firstly inform with strategy when asking the best method for promotions through digital world.

    But I list these ethics for you.

    1. Know your audience - First of all, you must understand to whom you are going to connect with. This means people do their campaigns in wrong ways without knowing about subscribers. So they get failed.
    Therefore, you should use tactical methods to get right audience to run marketing campaigns effectively.

    2. Blaze a trial - Don't rely on same strategy which your competitors already do. Think differently. In order to find out new opportunities on the web you will have to surf on some web pages that are relevant to what you offer.

    3. Schedule offers - Reserve your time as customers needs. Because, if you are posting when the time visitors not coming, it could fail. Avoid making these kind of mistakes. As I found out you can share content without doubt on Saturday 5.30 A.M - 6.15 A.M.
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