I didn't even know this existed! Where do I get it?

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I was talking with a buddy the other day who is in the mortgage business and they have this 3rd party marketing system they use to send out emails to their customers and list.

They send out an email with different articles that the recipient can click on and read the full article.

Well the cool thing is the program sends him notifications of who opened the email as well as if they clicked on the link and it identifies that person by the name and email address in the database!

This would be awesome to identify the more interested people on your list for proper follow up.

Anyone know where I can get this feature?

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    They will be using some kind of tracking software Luke. You may or may not have come across the term before, but if you have, that's what they are utilising.

    There is a lot of this software available on the Internet, in script or program form each with free and paid versions. I have one particular program that I mainly use, but I will not send you my affiliate link, as I think that you should do your own research, before commiting yourself to any one product.

    Tracking is a critical part of Internet marketing, so I would suggest searching this and other forums, as well as Google for "tracking software" or "tracking urls" or just get creative with your search terms!

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  • HipHop, No but I would sure like to know if you find out.

    Thank's Money Grows Online
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    It sounds like some of the new features that Aweber has.
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      Just off the top...


      constant contact

      Shon C.

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