Amazon affiliate accidental mistake - Do I tell the truth?

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First off ill start by saying yes im an idiot.

So here is the problem.

Ok, so I made a bit of a stuff up and built a site but as it turns out I must have overlooked adding this site to my list of amazon affiliate sites. I had one site ages ago which i sold, then started a new one and clearly forgot to add the website.

Obviously, I want to be legit as I can which is why I had gone through and made changes and then realised this.

There is a whole lot of content on there now and heaps of cash spent, along with time and rankings etc.

So I dont know whether to reach out to Amazon and say 'err i fooked up, will you ignore that and see if it can be approved'. You know, the whole, woops I made a mistake and I want to correct it.
Im afraid they will ban me which is not the ideal outcome.

Or do I need to go through, unpublish a bunch of articles which are amazon heavy and leave up a bunch and remove any amazon links? (which will take ages) And see if I can get approved that way?

Any other suggestions Im very open to hearing them.

I really dont want to get banned, But yeah, not sure what to do.....
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