Why you should evolve

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Customer behavior and the ways in which we communicate has changed over the last few years . Amazon ,google ,facebook burst on to the scene and we began to SEE A shift in the tide.

As you and I both know there are some traditional brick and mortar businesses that failed to adapt or refused to adapt and as a consequence they now find their selves facing extinction . Look at how many chain stores are feeling the wrath of Amazon .Macys is A prime example .

Technology changes at a rapid pace and those of you that adapt will move ahead . As marketers our duty is to enhance (improve customer experience)
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    Yep Jamel; change is the one constant.

    30 years ago, Warrior does not exist. People meet offline to talk offline marketing. But here we are, 3 decades later, in an entirely different world.

    Be open to change, be nimble, and you will do A-OK online or in life.

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    I am constantly evolving! Every single day.

    I've changed careers twice.

    Business ideas? I've tried several.

    Life is all about trying new things and growing!
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    Changed 3 Countries , More That 7 Jobs

    Now I am Working Online ..
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    Definitely agree that no matter what job you are currently in or are wanting to pursue you have to remember to evolve. There is a popular Arabic saying that states "nothing is forever." This means that things are always evolving, even if we don't take notice.
    The other thing is evolving means growth and success. After all, a seed evolves to become a fruit. The seed grows to its full potential to serve its purpose. Evolvement was needed for that to happen!
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      Originally Posted by laila904 View Post

      The other thing is evolving means growth and success.
      No. Evolving means adapting to your environment. Running a business isn't just about growth - often it's simply about survival. That makes it just as important to ensure your income sources are robust and, wherever possible, diversified.

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        Diversification is important which I agree.
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    Still, I am evolving my days.

    I've changed so many methods and tried new ideas as well.
    Adapt your life will move new things and goal.
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    Change is indeed constant. every now and then there's new things coming out and as marketers or a ordinary people we simply have to cope up with these changes that comes along the way
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      We should be the first to adapt and test .
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    I would like to add . . .

    Changes don't have to be monumental events. They don't have to be from one business to a completely different business.

    As a business owner, sometimes tiny (almost seemingly insignificant) changes can make a huge impact over time. A tiny course change of just 1 degree can mean an airplane misses it's target by hundreds of miles after a few hours. At times, the little changes we implement for the better really can pay off handsomely in the future.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      You are spot on Steve.The little changes that we make can make the biggest difference.
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    Things are always changing. When digital marketing started, you didn't have to worry about a dozen social media channels, but today, there are so many it will make your head spin.

    We, as marketers, writers, website owners, business owners and bloggers have to constantly be evolving. I am always surprised when I find out there are still businesses that don't see the need for blogging or having a good website. Some don't even use social media, yet their direct competition is killing them by simply using these avenues for marketing.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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      That change came when Amazon arrived on the scene and took up a large market share of ecommerce. Some of the traditional brick mortar businesses failed to take heed.
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    Marketing is something related to humans: so people are constantly changing, and marketing has to change to ANTICIPATE them.

    Why Anticipate?

    Cause you have to be one step further from the people, to anticipate their needs and provide a solution.
    You have to be an "early adopters" of the newest startegies, testing them, cause the best thing you can do for yourself is making more money while learning.
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    change is constantly coming..

    look to those cheap clicks and impressions.

    Reddit paid ads is one of those sites

    -Ike Paz
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