[Case Study] How I Generated $46,200 & Filled A 20 Man Coaching Group

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So recently i finished a campaign, there was some moving parts and some of chunks of this campaign have been taken from previous campaigns (profitable keywords, copy and ads )

but this is a working blueprint, that i recommend anyone try

1) The Traffic source
I Drove the traffic using Search traffic (google adwords) using very specific ads that would appeal to the few and not the many...ppc is all about the quality of the clicks NOT the quantity of the click...so dont get wrapped up in CTR metrics

2)The "Pre-landing Page...Landing Page"
This page was to sell them on the idea of the landing page and watching the full video they would see when they landed on there and it also reassured them they were in the right place

3)The Landing Page
This is of course is about generating the leads....so i put together some free content that they could take and use without ever signing up for anything

In the copy I informed them this was the "1st cog" of the machine and the rest of the cogs would be available in future follow-ups and also to look out for early bird access for an upcoming class

but i didn't stop there, I also gave away stacked bonus content....including 2 training videos and a template for crafting "quick, powerful headlines that convert like crazy" (again, also free content)

which all tied in nicely to what the landing page video was about

its called transactional risk removal....the more risk you can remove financially, emotionally and psychologically from the transaction, the more likely they will take action

it's very important you drive targeted traffic, so you don't waste a ton of money

4) Bonus content/Email intro

The key to any sale is "like and trust" and you can't make a sale without them

So the bonus video content, was to help them solve more potential problems and its not rocket science...if you keep helping somebody, its hard for them not to like and trust you

so i was giving away all the free value to quickly establish like and trust

Once I had them opted-in, i just decided to go all out in promoting the class, giving them the opportunity to "jump to the head of the queue" (this step was repeated in every video after optin...so 4 videos in total)

over the next few days they received the remaining 2 "cogs" of the series via so they could put together their online money machine which both included countdown timers until the opening of the course (all still free content)

5) The Sales Letter

The Sales Letter was just a reiteration of everything i had shared over the series and mixed with my background story and sold them on what they could expect in the new class (modules and skills they would learn) with very limited places

6) Order form

well no explanation needed here.....its an order form

7) The Scale Up

now alot of people wont like this bit, but you actually have to go out there a prospect for affiliates....yes that means TIME, EFFORT AND REJECTIONS

there's no slick automated way to avoid this part

Once i had proof it was working, I reached out to as many people who could potentially have a big list as i could find

using these 2 step.."the qualifier" and the "interest tickler"

The Qualifier

its just a brief introduction and enquiry about list size and if so....is it available to 3rd party offers

most people will just tell you...some people need a little more upfront info about why you want to know the size

The "Interest tickler"

this is where you share just enough information to peak the interest without giving way the whole game...so i just explained what i need it for

and explained that with a tiny percentage of conversions from your list it could equal "X" (This is maximum number they could earn in commissions )

and they either say "yay" or "nay"

if they agree, try establish personal contact....skype call or even phone call and just break down metrics and the sales funnel

and of course, working out a percentage that everyone is happy with...in some cases they might want more..thats up to you though

me personally, i'd rather get a smaller percentage of something big then have a bigger percentage of something tiny

then you just rinse and repeat until you have a good number of affiliates and then you just start pushing traffic

I hope this helps and inspire some ideas in your own business because that's what its all about
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    Hi EsMarshall,

    thank you for sharing this with us.

    You have gone into a lot of detail to show us exactly what you have done - hopefully it will inspire some of us to do something similar.

    Thanks once again for sharing your blueprint with us and showing us how much can be achieved!
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    I'm totally agree with you about [quality of the clicks with PPC not quantity]

    And giving value to have trust. These two powerful weapon actually work for me as well

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    Even If You're Complete Newbie - Click Here
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      Exactly, your ads aint supposed to be for everyone, just people who are most likely to buy what you sell

      quality trumps quantity everytime!
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    Hey ES,
    Good stuff. And very detailed how you did this. I have to take a closer look at this a few more times. And the video seems very high quality and professional. Thankyou for sharing this.

    How long did it take to generate that $46K ? And is that NET ??

    Thanks again

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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      No...had to pay affiliates too, which was a big chunk of the profits tbh

      But like i said.."id rather a smaller piece of something big than a bigger piece of something small"

      Think alot of people get greedy when it comes to splitting commissions...you need to be generous

      Cause most of these guys have options...so it comes down to which offer is the most appealing

      it was done over a 6 day period to fill the 20 seats ...after the adwords campaign and affiliates had been gathered(although i was still chasing more affiliates throughout )
      $900 off a fully active gold member MOBE account (full price $2000)...message me if your interested
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    Very good article to inspire most of newbies.

    Thanks for sharing
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    The article is good. Keep it up!!
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    You've got an amazing funnel. Thanks for sharing.
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    i am realy highly inspired by reading your article . you article is realy helpfull to us,
    sir please be continue
    we are eagerly waiting for your next article
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  • that artical is contain very much things..
    nice to read it
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