Fiverr experience : what are you doing in this situation?

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I'm a level 2 seller in fiverr. Few clients ask me hundred of questions after day by day. But they don't place any order. What are you doing in this situation, please share your experience.
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    Base on their questions

    Choose some to answer, you do not need to answer all of them

    But base on their questions then you can guess, who would highly be your custommer
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    Based on experience, your prospects just need to confirm whether you can do your gig for cheaper as much as possible while request your best quality in delivery. That's all.
    So, you're better to make your gig description short and clear about what you can do for a gig or so. Don't make too much explanation or promises.
    Good luck.

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    I would start creating FAQs of your own. Then, when you get the same question, you can simply copy and paste the answer.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    Wait it out. In the meantime, keep doing marketing to people who are likely to buy from you. Some of the folks who email you will (should) become your customers. Make sure you're doing your targeting right. And whatever you sell on Fiverr make it niche specific.
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    I don't know What are you selling? But i think you should focus on big clients.
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    Whatever your most common questions are, put that specific information in your gig description.

    Also, search for browser extensions related to paste/clipboard. You can just paste common replies instead of having to type them out individually for every question.

    That should speed things up and it won't be as tedious.
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    I'd set up 'answers' to most common questions....when a prospect (if they aren't buying, they are not 'clients') and when someone sent a question I would copy/paste the answer or send a 'standard' email.

    Or I might create one email that is 'answers to most common questions" that gave a list of quick answers (QUICK as in 'short') answers and use that email to send to prospects.

    The email would be written in a way that tells prospects you know what you are doing - and they'll get full information when they hire you for a job.

    Then I'd go do something else to make money - maybe focus on higher paying freelance sites - until business at Fiverr improved.
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    Of course you have to provide information, which you know. If you are in level-2, You know everything. You have to good behave with the buyer. If you have good positive feedback, you will get more & more order. Thanks for your advance.


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    The few gigs I offer on Fiverr are so well described and easy for most people to understand, that most people don`t ask many questions. The few people who do ask questions, I can tell if they are intelligent questions or dumb questions (or they are asking for extra things which I did not write in the description) and I can choose to answer their questions if they are semi-intelligent in nature, or advise them to look for someone else on Fiverr to provide them what they are asking for if their questions are illogical or if they are asking for something which I did not describe in the gig description.
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    Like all the others have mentioned, you have to make your gig description more descriptive. Look at the questions you have got from your visitors and make a list of the most frequently asked question. Add that question along with that answer in a short and precise manner in your description.

    Add links to orders you have completed (Like fan pages created) so that people will be able to see your work first hand.

    Use bold letter and colors to make your description attractive. Look at other top sellers in your niche and take not at how they style their gigs.

    All the best.

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    It is not always possible to describe all the bits and bobs of a gig, especially when it is a consulting one. First step of all is to create & re-evaluate your FAQ sections and do not forget to remind buyers about FAQ section. A lot of them just do not read and prefer you to answer it.

    Automated messages with a polite call to action per question type - please read my description, please read my FAQ, please read Fiverr TOS...

    If your gig raises too much questions (and you can usually see to which gig is the first message related), it is a clear indicator that you need to improve the description.

    You do not have to spend all your time responding to people who are just farting around. Take care that you reply quickly to the first message and then try to narrow the communication into action - for example if they have a lot of questions, they might appreciate a consulting gig in which you will answer their questions. You have nice helpful gigs which are frequently self-describing just with the title itself.

    If you see the problem is connected to a particular gig, give us a link so we can have a look.

    If somebody asks too much, offer them a custom consultation gig. If they will appreciate your help, you will get a reward for your knowledge.

    Good luck!
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  • I am an avid Fiverr buyer. I guess, your Gig is not explained properly to the Fiverr buyers. Re-check your Gig again and get some feedback from Warrior Forum members. Cheers!
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  • Well, I'll advise you to be patient. As you are a level two seller ,you don't wanna loose your account. Respond to buyer questions all the time.
    Buyer is just want to know that the service you are providing are you perfect for it or not?
    Be patient with buyer. And try to convenience your buyer. I'm sure you'll get order.
    And try to make a new gig and a perfect gig. Create a FAQ part . Where answer all the possible question that a buyer can ask.
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    Originally Posted by Ajom Mahmud View Post

    I'm a level 2 seller in fiverr. Few clients ask me hundred of questions after day by day. But they don't place any order. What are you doing in this situation, please share your experience.
    First off, like Kay said, if they aren't buying, they aren't 'clients'.

    Second, if the 'hundreds of questions' are coming from a handful of prospects, it may be that they are trying to get the result they want without actually hiring you.

    At some point, you have to put your foot down and tell people that further Q&A will be answered, but only if the meter is running.

    Back in the days of my youth, when sex before marriage was less acceptable than it is now, girls were often told "why buy the cow (marry the girl) if they can get the milk (sex) for free?"

    You may be running into people looking for 'free milk'...
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