It's almost "that time" of year

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Yes I am talking Christmas.

Where tons of money gets spent and It's a great time to be involved as an affiliate.

It's also about that time where people who want to monetize this tome of year need to get started. It's not too late but it's time owe get started!

Has anyone else started to prepare for this busy and lucrative time of year? If not then maybe bows the time to start!
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    Wow starting a bit late there mate!! I started back in late September so the traction will be there by early next month

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    Yeah I know in the past I started with X-mas Websites in August. Not necessarily too late but best to start in Aug or September like Jase said
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    Absolutely! Now is the time to start getting ready to capitalize on the craziness of Black Friday and Christmas.

    If you're planning on running ads I would save up and plan carefully because the CPC's will go up to capitalize on all the traffic.
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    Not only getting ready for Christmas time but currently preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
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    It's actually too late if you're just starting now to prepare for the holiday season. The most effective promotion venues and premium advertising placements usually require 6-8 months lead time.

    We're just about done with 2017, and already making preparations for not only the Winter Olympics, but also "that time" of year in 2018 and all of the other holidays in between.
    “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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