Help Me Monetize This! And Duplicate It If You Like...

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This is a little extemporaneous and uncensored but bare with me...

Just when I thought I had narrowed down my focus and wasn't being swayed from one idea to the next, I had this opportunity dropped in my lap.

I don't mind revealing it, for reasons I'll get to in a minute, because it will benefit anyone that does offline marketing or local portal type sites.

Biggest Loser Families- Who hasn't heard the buzz about it? I was going to use it to launch a comprehensive program in that niche. I was out with my best bud tonight drinking, and being as he's a card carrying certified personal trainer and running the local cities health and wellness program, I mentioned to him my ambition. (I'm getting to the point, I promise )

We both laughed because neither of us has ever weighed over 150 lbs in our lives! After a couple more beers I mentioned that now was a good time to start a push for a weight loss program at the city facility ( It's city owned but available to the whole area).

He says, "Well you know we've been doing the XXXXXXX city Biggest Loser for 5 years now, I've got all the data for the last 4 years on a thumb drive at work. Would you be interested in compiling it and doing some graphs?"

I say "Do you have all the promotional material, brochures, ads and such that you used to promote it?"

Yep! Can I have copies in return for some early performance graphs? Yeah, and BTW we just started another 12 week round, maybe you could help me promote it?

I've got four years worth of "PLR" on a program that mimics the "biggest loser (tm)" at a community level and gets the whole town/group/whatever involved and the sucess rates have been outrageous! The last group lost a combined 700+ pounds?

I've already arranged a logo and a trademark application (hard to do after beers) and I got Brad to call the guy who basically invented this thing and got permission to eventually do a multi-media presentation with rights.

Any of you guys could do something similar in your communities as a promotion or especially if you're doing offline marketing.

What are your ideas for getting the most mileage out of this while I finish developing it?

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