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First of all I would like to thank everyone in this forum
I used to jump from forums to another , from blogs to another & from youtube videos to another all about how to learn and market CPA offers however it's being almost 2 years of reading and learning but I never took an action
so I think it's the time now to take an action
but the problem is CPA networks ... most of them Net 30 payment and that's crazy cause all we are need money to keep rolling
and the other thing scared me ( CPA Network Scam ) I read tons of reviews on different cpa platforms and I see how the people got ripped off every time from these networks
so my question is can you please provide me with reliable weekly payment cpa network
please don't say just go to google and type in best cpa network I want you to tell me depends on your expaernice with the network
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    Hi alideluxe,

    I will not write a lot to answer your question but I noticed that you said that 30 payments is crazy.

    Think with me if you joined 5 CPA networks and start generating money and you get paid after month or two, this is for first payments only because if you can make money every day so after a month you will able to generate money every day or every week.

    And there is a lot of trusted CPA networks paying for their members, I am personally joined some of them like
    Rocket profit
    The most important thing is to get accepted on those networks, some of them accept members instantly like the one I am a pro member in is Yoonla and I also recommend them to my clients who purchased my auto blog, this network pay you up to $4 for every lead.
    Imagine how much you can do every day just promoting this network only.

    The most important things to keep in mind when you join CPA networks is to provide the right info.

    Any other information I guess you already learned about because you said you are reading about it for 2 years, but the most important thing to tell you now as a 10 years marketer is TAKING ACTION

    Good luck and take action, not only read about it
    Thank you
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    Yoonla is good my friend.

    Some of my friends joined and they got paid well.

    I'm doing affiliate marketing, so i would not help you much about provide you with reliable weekly payment cpa network.

    But here's what i can help!

    The way to do it right, is do it wrong first.

    Mistake is a great school.

    Reading, knowledge is just potential power. Untill you actually take action

    you actually jump into it, you discover it by yourself. Just take soom ideas that you think that they are good

    Then take action base on it. Remember to take 100% responsible for the results

    You gonna find the right one. You will never have the feeling of trust 100% until you try it yourself.

    Be aware of fear: I saw and i feel some fears from you.

    These fears gonna hold you back
    Biggest risk is not taking any risk at all my friend.


    I hope this help!
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