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Hi all,

Does a designing part of a website matters for the ranking in search engines?

Thanks in advance
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    In a way, yes.
    Do a Google search for Meta Data, Schema and On-page SEO, and that should help you.
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  • "Search engine optimization has a notoriety of being "specialized". Something that is a number's diversion.
    Does design affect ranking in search engine??
    The answer is yes. In some way it effects in the google ranking.
    • Design is a HUGE piece of the client encounter. In the event that your outline is poor, you could do everything ideal in SEO and still be on the back foot! Configuration is a fundamental piece of SEO now of the diversion, so when you do SEO for your site, acknowledge everything begins from the starting point - what your site resembles, and how clients explore it.
    • Here are some things to look after about your website in ranking:
    • How much time it takes to load your site.
    • Your Title Tag - Is it too big or too short. Is it meaningful?
    • Your headings, subheadings.
    • META Descriptions
    • Design, UX (User Experience), and SEO
    • Design and UX matter more today than ever before when it comes to SEO. Google wants to provide the best listings possible in the SERPs.
    • They can't rely on keywords and content to gauge the value of a website anymore. Now they'll also look at these indicators:
    • Bounce rate - a visitor clicks on your listing in the SERP and then hits the back button returning to the SERP after they see your site/content. This shows a low value for that page.
    • Time on site - if you get past the bounce, then the next indicator is time on site. Literally how much time the user spends on the site once they've clicked in from the SERPs. The more time, the better.
    Mobile usability is a huge ranking factor as of April 21st, 2015 - MOBILEGEDDON! This is when Google updated its algorithms to penalize sites for not being mobile optimized.

    To be clear, this doesn't mean that sites not optimized for mobile will be hurt in all SERPs. This only applies to SERPs for mobile users. Google wants to only deliver sites that are mobile optimized in the mobile SERPs. Makes sense.
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    Yup design also matters. Try a premium theme with unique design.
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