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Don Schenk becomes a video monster.

A white flag... I surrender. A couple weeks ago someone on the WF mentioned the new Kodak Zi8 pocket video camera and the fact that it can take an external microphone. So after much trouble trying to find that camera (finally got it direct from Kodak), I bit the inexpensive bullet and bought one.

Now I have discovered what you folks knew all along - YouTube can send traffic. Whoa - who wudda' thought!

So here is what that little camera does, even at a low 720p resolution. It can do HD too.


Yes, you can get this same look at home without a lot of expense! The backdrop is a wall I painted a dark shade of red (not as dark as maroon), then daubed black paint in spots with a paint brush, and used a dry rag to rub most of the black away. This is a faux painting process called scumbling. It gives the look of red leather.

The spotlight on the wall can be done with a small spotlight bulb in an inexpensive clip light. It doesn't need much wattage - about 60watts should be max.

The reflector I show can be done with a piece of white cardboard from you neighborhood art supply store. You can simulate that big softbox light by using another piece of white cardboard and shining a spotlight onto it. Probably a 100 watt bulb.

The hair light near the ceiling can be another small spotlight bulb, or even a standard lightbulb with a cardboard tube to control the light. Don't let the cardboard get too hot.

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