80% or More of what you fear will never happen...

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Its good to prepare, it's good to be ready, its good to plan, but we let fear stop us cold a lot of times. Most of what you fear will never happen so try not to let fear halt your progress.

My product is stupid. Maybe, but give it a shot. You might actually get compliments. If you need to improve it, you'll get that feedback too.

I will lose my shirt on AdWords. You might lose some, but don't open your entire fortune to risk. Try a reasonable test or tests and track. Plan to lose a little to learn a lot. The data you gather will be more valuable than the next product launch.

My sales page sucks. Could be, but put it out and see, adjust, fix, move on.

My family will laugh. They just might, but not for long if you start making money. You might even find family members interested in what you do.

I don't know anything worth money. Reporters don't know how to do anything but report and they make a good living. Can you research and gather info on a subject? I'll bet you can.

My tech skills are lacking. Do your best, then get help from pros. There are thousands out there willing to help for a fee, some for free, especially advise and especially here.

I will get sued. Could be. Chances are you won't, but if you do it right you won't lose everything even so.

So and So is so much better, I can't compete. There is almost unlimited opportunities in every niche. Change the color, change the format, change the angle , do it different. People buy not one, but many of the same or similar products. Is there only one Golf product? Only one dating product? Only one hamster product? ( ok maybe just one of those by Kevin Riley)
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    That goes for everything in life - best just to be happy and deal with the downs when they actually happen rather than before.

    Usually the fear is much worse and lasts longer than the problem too.

    It also works the other way around - people sometimes feel so good about buying a book about link building that they don't want to spoil the feeling by actually doing anything - then they never get back to it.

    nothing to see here.

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      I agree Scott but would be very careful about making a competing hamster product.

      Word on the street is that once Riley dispatches one of those furry hellions they don't come back until they've finished their mission and they've acquired a taste for blood.

      You've been warned.

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    I agree. And disagree I've found that much of what I worry about does happen, so instead of worrying about the unpleasant stuff, I imagine the good stuff working out. A lot of that happens too. Cool.

    *ponders on The Meaning Of Life and why this thread has a 'page not found' tag. If the tag does it's job and helps the searcher to find the thread, then it's not a page that's not found and the searcher has been misled. But unless it's tagged as a page not found, it will never be found by someone looking for the page. The one that's not found. Deep....

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    VERY well said. Thanks for sharing.

    What's FEAR but...

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