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I want to put together some articles, there used to be a website where you could buy articles but I have forgotten the name, it was 'Associated Content' or something...

Can anyone recommended anywhere?


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    Yeah, I remember them. Here's the news
    "Yahoo Deletes 75,000 Associated Content Articles, Moves"

    Do a search for it. It's not allowing me to post a link.
    I don't believe they exist anymore. Panda apparently did them in. Being a part of Yahoo couldn't be good either.
    Domains for sale - see seopositions.net
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    You could go to Upwork (formerly elance), Freelancer or to....


    to find reasonably priced content writers.

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  • Are you looking for PLR? Are you looking for articles that you can use on your site - without stripping off the author's byline (website info)? Or are you looking for someone to write articles for you? Have you looked on Fiverr?
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    I agree with Kay. Why send people to other sites when we have plenty of great writers within this forum. I don't know what others charge, but I'm sure you can find somebody to give you the quality you want.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Sample page. / Website / Blog for more info.

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      That's true. It's some very talented writers on here that did a great job. Normally they show samples to for you to see if it's something your interested in. It's a site that I think charged $5 I can't even remember the site now that I think about it. I'm not sure if it was good I never got to try it. Quality is the main thing and by looking at a article a lot of times you can tell if it had good quality put into it or not.
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    You can try Fiverr, however, if you are in a super-targeted niche, especially in some industry sector, I'd recommend Upwork.
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    You can buy already written articles here:


    But as already mentioned, there are many good writers available on this forum.

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