Cycling niche - Launching a product or coaching?

by Dahc
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I have a friend who's an ex world road cycling champion (amateur category). He decided that it's time to stop competing and it's time to settle down. He knows just about everything one would imagine about road cycling and hardcore training and has been training with plenty of professionals throughout the course of his career.

The question is how to make money out of it. I didn't put much thought into it just yet, but there are a few ideas:

1. Coaching. He's been offering coaching services for the past few years, but never got the chance to scale it up.

2. Write an ebook and sell it through CB. I wasn't able to find anything relevant related to cycling on CB except "how to repair your bike" for $xx bullshit. Amazon maybe?

My idea initially was to set him up a website with each one of his cycling achievements along with a simple optin form and sales funnel.

I have very limited amount of spare time these days, so any idea that will help me find more options to put my friend's experience and knowledge into money is very appreciated.
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    I read an article on CB about a guy who released an eBook about goats that makes him $500 a month...

    CB would be the most ideal platform. It has a large reach and a large pool of potential affiliates.

    The front end product could be a low priced eBook about How to be successful in cycling. An up sell could be a video course that goes more into the hardcore training where they are actually shown first hand training techniques etc. Another up sell could be a 1 on 1 coaching session (I think only 2 up sells allowed on CB, but need to double check on that).

    So sales funnel:

    Ebook - Video Course - Coaching (but how will coaching be delivered?)

    He could create a short report that can be given to affiliates to give away. Along with email swipes, banners, some intro videos, images, photos of him with other pros etc.

    I personally wouldn't go with amazon.
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    Have him write the ebook. Sell the first one for $27 (or whatever), then eventually turn the products into a full scale $200+ backend product business. Then offer a monthly newsletter, and incorporate his coaching program in the mix of the backend funnel.

    More than one way to skin a cat.

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    Sell nutritional supplements along with books, coaching and training cyclists. Even amateurs typically spend upwards of $200 or more (professionals spend a lot more) per month on health products.Perhaps the quickest and most effective way for getting traction in this niche is to write articles for relevant online/offline publications.
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    Hello! I suggest that he create his own channel. It doesn't have to be full videos on on everything he knows about cycling. He could just create short, fun video clips to showcase the best tips from his own experience. From there, he can advertise one on one coaching sessions or small classes for a subscription fee (if done online).
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  • My idea initially was to set him up a website with each one of his cycling achievements along with a simple optin form and sales funnel.
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    Hi Dahc, I am also an amateur in cycling. And into triathlon. I think it's either he can go back to cycling and write about the competition or the cycling clothing he uses to wear or write a novel, a blog or he can coach.
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