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I have decided to make a website for Amazon affiliate and my niche is "orthopedic dog bed". But my hesitation is that- what will I do? only publish post about dog bed or I will publish all about dog. Dose my domain name contain "orthopedic dog bed" or only "dog bed". What is better make a website only for "orthopedic dog bed" other wise make a website for all about dog?
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    you can write all about about dog. No problem with that. Just categorize them. Thanks
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    Don't worry about exact match domain names

    Instead, REVERSE ENGINEER your competitors and provide BETTER VALUE than them

    I suggest a review site that is a mix of INFOGRAPHICS AND TEXT (plus video)

    That combo will give you a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE
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    Make website for all about dog, so that you can done with tons of content
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    The website for the dog beds really lucrative idea along with try to something different like make youtube video also.
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    Thanks for your valuable idea.
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    Make the site user friendly also
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    I would suggest neither. All about dogs idea is too big and orthopedic dog bed is too small. Pick something in between to start, for example, dogs health.

    People who are concerned about their dog's health would definitely be interested in buying an orthopedic bed.

    Don't try to please everyone, pick a smaller topic to start. Once your website gets bigger you can expand to other topics.

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      Thank you for your opinion. I never think so. Your advice is helpful for me.
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    I think it does'nt matter. The important is the way u SEO ur web and your bonus
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