Which business should I buy in South Africa???

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Recently I move to South Africa , Now I am Decided that I want to buy a business In South Africa. can any one Suggest me that what Business I should buy.
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    Buy Gold mines. Its a lucrative business in South africa and nearby countries.
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    You can do anything in South Africa, as you most probably noticed the Country is very well advanced in Infrastructure and Opportunities.

    What Country did you immigrate from?

    My suggestion would be to first ask yourself what you are good at and what qualifications you have. From there you need to look at where you want to Start your business. Where do you currently reside.

    At the same time you also need to look that you do not enter a market where you will be forced into BEE ( Forced Affirmative Action) If you buy an existing running concern, look out and ensure their BEE status is Level 2.

    Do not look to open a business geared at Government, unless you do have strong connections.

    At the same time @HarrieB Probably do not know where South Africa is, reason I make the statement, "You cannot buy mines" unless you are a connected Billionaire, Politics, Shady Business person. The mines are owned by Anglo American and Other Global entities. Diamond Mines are owned by DeBeers. Copper Mines and various other mines as well as some of the biggest industries are systematically bought out by Chinese Government

    Be carefull with buying franchises. Many only sell to BEE or you need to have a 51% BEE partner

    OK, do not let all the above stop you. Let's do the First Two things. Where do you live? and what are your personal specialty?

    From there we can make suggestions and your client Market.

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    Originally Posted by ramonavandusen View Post

    Suggest me that what Business I should buy.

    If you must ask others which business you should buy, I would suggest you not buy any business. Instead, spend time on this forum and learn how to create your own business.

    There's little sense in spending money on something recommended by a total random stranger on this forum.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I've a client from South Africa, and he is in a resort business. He is promoting his own packages and plans through his website. Though, I don't know, but I'm quite sure he is running a private group as well.

    He developed slowly, but now he is successful. It takes time.
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    Guns, anti personnel devices, anti car jacking products etc...
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    I agree with others, if you don't know what kind of business you want to get in and you are asking this on a public forum i think you shouldn't start any before you do some market research and before you understand what is it that you would like to do.

    Good luck
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