Doubt about bad competitors (own products stollen)

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Hi I need you guys opinion*on this. I*am selling products that I create. I am selling online*successfully 5 years now but with a lot of effort-knowledge and hard work.

I am advertising my website a lot every day to have steady income.

With the advertising (adwords*- google display - facebook) I generate searches on my brand name,and here comes the bad competitors who are giving low price and copy*my products for cheaper (of course most of them do not*get as much traffic as I do)

What would you do or what should I do based on your experience?

Anyway thank you for reading my post.
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    Do you mean they are creating their own products that are cheap copies of yours or do you mean that they are pirating your product and selling it as though it were theirs?

    If the former, there is not much you can do.

    If the latter, I think you should at the very least tell Google and whomever other search/ad partners you have. You may succeed in getting them delisted.
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    Actually they are pirating my products and selling it as though it were theirs with cheaper prices. I already contact other website owners and blog partners that can help me report them to google and webmasters but it seems a difficult and long task.
    I'm looking for a faster and more effective solution to shut down their websites if it still possible due constant copyright infringement and for harming my business...
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    First, we don't know what your products are - we don't even know if they're digital or physical. Second, you don't say where your business is located. Third, we aren't able to compare your products with those of your competitors to assess the extent of copyright infringement or, indeed, piracy.

    This isn't meant to cast any doubt on what you claim, but there's too much to go into on an online forum like this and a near certainty that pertinent details would be missed or omitted.

    The short answer is that if you believe your products have been pirated, you should take it up with a legal professional in your jurisdiction.

    PS. Stollen is German Christmas cake.


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    Build a solid brand

    Trademark your brand

    Partner with other solid brands in your space

    If you're not branding, you're selling a commodity.

    Commodity = LOSING GAME
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    I learned a few things from my cousin, and my some clients do that too.

    Instead of creating just one website, he created 100. I don't know how he managed that but he was dominating the search engines and stealing all the traffic free-of-charge.

    Of course, it is tough to do that, but some of clients, who are successful, follow this same strategy too.

    They pick a keyword (super-targeted niche) and create 5-6 websites on it.

    I can't tell the exact success rate of my clients, but I know about my cousin. He was earning $300 each month, but after following this strategy, he now owns a few brand outlets in the UK. Besides, he is in the real estate business too, and owns a very nice car.

    And, it all happened within a 4-5 year period.

    He still runs his business online, and all I know it is all about creating niche websites.

    So, if you have bad competitors, I think you can follow this way to dominate your market - completely.
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    Ignore anybody who does things from fear - the folks you speak of - and these people vanish, to be replaced by loving co-creators who help you make more and more money, and who help you reach new levels of happiness.

    This has been my experience again and again over my decade long blogging career. Bring your attention away from your fear of folks who do things from fear, and you move up in circles, have more fun, connect with more big dawgs, and of course, make more money.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I appreciate the opinions and suggestions of all. I will continue to work hard to build my business and increase my brand reputation. I will Trademark my brand and I will do it as soon as possible.
    Thanks again and best regards.
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