After 10 months I'm still a newbie

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I need help. Honest, Genuine, Help. I don't know if it's out there, but I am asking for it.
I've been working on a product launch/continuity program, and every time I get a step closer, I learn there are two more things to do. I've spent all I have to spend on buying and learning this stuff. I am doing it alone and can't even find a proper mastermind group in Los Angeles (of all places). I have the host, domain, the program (butterfly marketing), an awesome free product, I bought the graphics, I have aweber for an autoresponder, but what's next? I lack a list, but I am ready to hit the forums for my nitch, but I am stuck. How do I tie it all together? I need handholding here, not a slap on back or even a kick in the butt, I need someone to say: this is what you do on awber, this is how you do the thank you page, etc. etc.
Anybody out there want to reach back and help a newbie? or is there a last and final product to buy (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg)?
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    You could make a squeeze page, with an opt-in, then do article marketing, or ppc to build your list, give away something for free in exchange for their e-mail address.
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    Have you added content to your website yet?
    Dream big. Work hard. Have fun.
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      I think Mat has the right idea and go down the article marketing route if you have limited funds.

      There is one product I can reccomend called Wealthy Affiliate admittedly its not the cheapest product out there but I myslef went a long time not making any sales and I found Wealthy afiliate extremely helpful tieing together all the loose ends and I was also able to indentify places I've been able to vastly improve my campaigns.

      Theres a link in my signature so check it out.
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    Yeah I think Mat has the right idea for sure. It sounds like you have everything you need. I would now build an squeeze page with an opt-in form and use article marketing, PPC, and forum posting to drive traffic to the page.
    There are thousands of ways to drive traffic. Just keep reading on this forum you will learn how to do it all.

    Best of luck.
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    We are all still new at something.

    For example i have been in the online business for five years now and im still a newbie at adsense and adwords. When i need to use either i just outsource them!

    Concentrate on what you are good at and outsource the rest!

    kind regards

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    Hi there Don,

    I think I know where you could find solution.
    You need reliable mentor, with proven results, NOT what they've said. Look Here.

    `Instant Payday Formula
    These two can help you find way out.
    Or you can try Jeremy Kelsall's Internet Marketers Bootcamp.
    Perhaps it's still open, go find out.

    I'm starting Instant Payday Formula by myself ^^
    Find one that suits you best, and FOCUS until you get result
    (I got this lesson after roamed and found this)

    Once you've succeed, remember to give back to become bless of your surrounding
    Earth is now sick, would be nice if more people living green lifestyle.

    Good Luck,
    Og Mandino
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    Being a newbie after 10 months is not uncommon.

    The thing is, you need a system in place. If you want to set up your very own membership/continuity program, sit down and figure out what are the CORE things you need in order to sell one of those memberships to a person. If you have that, then you are basically DONE. All the rest are just optional additions.

    Or you could get into affiliate marketing. You'll have to learn a proper system for building a list and selling products.

    Whatever you choose, don't try to OVERDO or PERFECT everything. It will cause you to stall alot.

    Kind regards,
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    Oh I hear you brother, and I suspect that you've not received a response here that you are wanting either.

    Your plea is genuine, I've been feeling this today as well. I'm not sure if your background is team based and structured but one of the problems is that "being home based" we dont create the structures to give us the feedback on progress.

    I've just posted a thread asking for feedback on whether the amount of hits per ratio to subscribers is 'ballpark' or ridiculously low. I suppose I'm the only one who can ascertain such things.

    I keep coming back to strategy, market, approach, product --- these 4 things if used in a defined way, are the essence of which all things we are doing most likely sit into. The fifth element being YOU.

    I would love to work with others because I've got a really strong project management background and can structure, define and organise tasks really well --- in a team. Find it really difficult to do it to myself.

    I look forward to keeping an eye on this post.


    Follow me on Twitter

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      Hi donahueg,

      I don't reccomend you to buy anything,,

      STOP DOWNLOADING!!!! you know everytime peoples buy then download then they read it and in the end they left it at is..

      Te key to this business is by taking action..!

      - Buy someone else product won't build your list
      - Sitting on your knee won't build your list
      - Create squeeze page will build your list!!

      So start with create squeeze page and give offer for the subscriber...
      then start driving traffic to your squeeze page

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        Ed Dales' 30 Day Challenge is a great take-you-by-the-hand type program. What's even's FREE and it's awesome.

        It might help you tie some of the pieces together.

        My best advice though is to focus. Pick one strategy and stick to it. Ignore anything and everything else.

        Best of luck,
        Thousands of happy Warriors agree...
        This service is a MUST - so worth it - Barry C.
        Derek is a keyword genius - Alan W.
        The results are incredible - page one already! - Navia B.
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          After 8 years of IM I am still a newbie. So don't worry about it ...

          After reading your post, I really don't understand at which point you are. So you have signed up with Aweber. Right? You have your own website? If yes, start developing a list by offering some PLR or MRR content.

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    After 16 months, I am still a newbie. The only thing that can suggest here is for you to take a day to write down each step of your plan. Then create a daily action plan to do until you complete it. It seems that you may be in information overload mode. Try to concentrate on the tasks that have been proven to work, like list building.

    I hate to promote other people's products, but I found that the instant payday formula was a product that helped put everything all together.

    Learn How to Make Fan Pages for Your Business

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    Hey if you having problem creating a squeeze page and a download page you mite want to check this link: Click Here

    You can even set up OTO offers all with a few clicks...
    This software is awesome...hope this helps...

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    OK...Step by Step

    What you want is a paint by numbers blueprint, do A, follow with B, followed by C, etc.

    You have to work backwards starting with your autoresponder sequence especially if continuity is your main focus.

    Set your intervals by creating the first 5 emails and spacing them out accordingly, that's almost 2 weeks worth of automated content you don't have to worry about.

    Focus on your welcome email, this is the email they receive immediately upon confirming, this is also the email containing the link for the free report.

    Never place your downloadable free report on your Aweber Thank You redirect page because:

    1. they won't have to confirm to receive it
    2. they'll forget to even confirm because they got what they wanted

    My Thank You page usually contains instructions on how to receive their free report by accessing the confirm link within the email they used to sign up with.

    You then need to "Create A New List", name your new list, enter your email details, etc then click "Save List Settings".

    Create your "Web Form" for your opt in.

    Name the webform.

    Your "Thank You" page should be a page that details instructions on how to confirm, I'm assuming it's double opt in because you're with Aweber,

    Click "Next" then "Save" unless you need to add anything to the webform, name and email address should suffice.

    Click "Get HTML"

    I usually click "Raw HTML Version" only because it's my preference and what I've always worked with.

    Click in the box and the html code should automatically highlight. Click CTRL C to copy.

    I usually place my code by adding the word "Xerox" where I want my opt in box to be, I switch to html view, click CTRL F and enter the word "Xerox" which takes me to the relevant spot on the page, I delete the word "Xerox" and click CTRL V to paste the Aweber opt in code so that when I convert back to regular view, the opt in box is positioned on the page where I want it.

    Once the opt in form is set up, all you need to do is FTP to your hosting site and it's ready to roll.

    Once they opt in and confirm they should receive their welcome email and subsequent follow up emails on autopilot, all that's left to do is to keep creating new content to add to your sequence.

    I hope this helps.

    Let me know if you need any clarification on anything.
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