Where would you market mattresses?

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I have a friend who owns a brick and mortar mattress store - he has been seeing a slight decline in sales over the past few years and believes online mattress sales by companies like Casper etc are eating into his market share.

So he is branching out and starting an online mattress division where he will be selling speically made mattresses that can be shipped in a box all rolled up to anywhere in the lower 48 states just like Casper and the other companies now doing this.

I am trying to figure out ways to help him decide where he should spend his marketing dollars advertising online.

Of course google and bing adwords are in the mix but wondering if anyone out there might have some OTHER "outside of the box" thoughts on where you would consider advertising online?

I am thinking that purchasing banner ads of niche specific - i.e. homefurnishing - home decor blogs might be a faily cost effective way to go - is there a place i can go to find these types of blogs, and is there any way to try to estimate monthly traffic to them to see if ad purchases would be worth the cost?

also thinking of sending free mattresses to certain blog owners who have huge followings in exchange for their writing a review of the product on their site.

also considering youtube advertisin and targeted fb ads as well.

any other thoughts or advice on the ideas just mentioned would be GREATLY appreciated!
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