Best way to Make Money Online?

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So Warriors, what do you think is the best way for individual entrepreneurs to make money online?

Is it starting a blog and writing tons of blog posts and monetizing with adsense and affiliate ads?

Is it sending traffic directly to affiliate programs via ppc and other means of traffic generation?

Is it starting up a store selling tangible goods?

Could it be creating a social network and monetizing with ads?

Or creating your own digital information or software product and advertising it and growing your own affiliate network?

I personally think its creating your own digital information product or software product and building your own network of affiliates. When you have your own product, you can buy traffic as long as it costs you less money per click than each click is worth to you. Also, once you have enough websites promoting your product via your affiliate program, you pretty much just have to sit and watch the money roll in.

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    Well, by now you should know the pat answer "it all depends on what your skill level is and what you can afford to do right now".

    After getting that out of the way, I think the fastest way (which is the best when starting out and wanting some operating money) is to figure out if you're better at marketing a product or creating a product.

    There are a lot of people out there who have created some incredible products like software, but don't have a clue when it comes marketing and if you can get an exclusive distributor deal then it not only is one of the fastest but can be pretty lucrative too.

    If someone is just getting their feet wet with marketing then they should research a hot niche and create a product and do a J.V. with a marketer.

    Finding a J.V. deal is probably the fastest way to make enough money to then do what you want because it gives you the ability to outsource everything that you need done to really make the money.

    The truth is that, unless one is willing and able to hire out it gets a little rough trying to run the whole hamburger joint all by yourself.

    You can only make so much when you are using your time to make money.

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    I will also add that time is often the biggest barrier to overcome for example if you are starting out online the chances are you will still be in full time employment and will only have ten hours a week to put into your project to get it moving.

    So the best thing to do is to find something that doesnt take up too much time for example doing article writing as your main thing is going to take up too much time.

    kind regards

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    Hey there,

    The best way to make money online is to pick one thing and focus on it until it makes money. Don't jump around between opportunities and different ideas because you won't complete any of your projects and won't start earning.

    It's the biggest mistake many marketers make.

    I think the fact that there are so many different ways to make money online is part of the reason so many people struggle. They start on one idea, then hear about another so follow that, then get distracted by another method of making money.

    Most of these methods work if you put the time and effort in them. We see success stories here on the forum all the time and they are always people who have stepped up and made the effort. One person wrote 10 articles a day for a month, another 5 and succeeded, but the people that question how they did it are the ones who write 1 article a week and wonder why they aren't succeeding online.

    All of the methods you've listed work for making money online. You could make money with any one of them or all of them, but to start with you need to identify a good niche, pick one of those methods and then focus your time and effort on it to make it earn.

    Don't spread yourself too thin and try and do too much because you will struggle to do anything.

    The aim of the game is to create passive income and your own products is one way. However, some people don't have the time or expertise to create their own products and so choose to become affiliate marketers. Other marketers research their niche and realise that a product would bomb in the niche and create a different type of site.

    Find a profitable niche, pick any of the methods you've listed and get it earning. You can then create other sites in that niche using the other methods you've mentioned or branch into other niches.

    The playing field is huge and the potential unlimited .. just don't jump from method to method ... stay focused!

    All the best

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    The best way to make money online is to establish long term relationships with your visitors, adding value first and expecting a sale in the future. There are hundreds of ways you can do this online. Unfortunately, most people don't stick with one thing long enough to see the immense success they can have.

    Pick a niche, build a site, and connect with potential visitors wherever you can find them. Social media, search engine, forums, offline, etc.
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    My school teacher wife is my biggest supporter and my biggest critic. Sitting on the outside looking in on internet marketing, she observed nearly 4 years ago when I first started enjoying internet marketing, that the people making the most money were the people that sell stuff on the internet telling everyone else how to make money on the internet. Still true today IMHO.
    And like Jason said...pick a good product and stick with it. Most any good product works if you persist.
    Signature Websites, Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing for Business and Political Candidates.
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      Originally Posted by mmixon View Post

      the people making the most money were the people that sell stuff on the internet telling everyone else how to make money on the internet. Still true today IMHO.
      I hear this *all* of the time and it couldn't be further from the truth.

      If you (or anyone else) want to make real serious money online you need to get your head out of the cesspit of peddling MMO crap to a jaded, cynical, incestuous market.

      Who do you really think made more money last year?

      A combination of Frank Kern, John Reese and Mike Filsaime,


      an old (Chester, UK) friend of mine that has *one* large well known affiliate comparison site (and a large company to manage it) for a range of financial products and latterly consumer goods?

      He started off completely on his own with a great idea, sought investment capital and never looked back. In fact, his site became the model for the industry in many ways. It was recently floated.

      The site is,

      I could give you a long list of examples, of friends, acquaintances and clients that make 7 or 8 figures a year online without breaking sweat.

      It's so damn easy to make a six or seven figure income online if people just open their eyes - and stop blindly following poor advice.

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      STOP THE TRAFFIK is a growing global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to PREVENT the sale of people,
      PROTECT the trafficked and PROSECUTE the traffickers.
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      Originally Posted by mmixon View Post

      My school teacher wife is my biggest supporter and my biggest critic. Sitting on the outside looking in on internet marketing, she observed nearly 4 years ago when I first started enjoying internet marketing, that the people making the most money were the people that sell stuff on the internet telling everyone else how to make money on the internet. Still true today IMHO.
      And like Jason said...pick a good product and stick with it. Most any good product works if you persist.
      That is so far from the truth it's not even funny... If you are noticing or think you're noticing that Internet Marketers make the most selling stuff about how to make money online then you are clearly NOT looking at other niches/markets...

      Take a look around and you'll notice that Making Money online or business opportunities is a fairly small niche compared to others...

      Mike Hill
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        Well, i agree that ther`s no best way to make money online, it mainly depend on your knowledge and ability to achive a specific tasks.As either you sell your owen product or the product of another person, in both cases you must have the knowledge to implement your ideas.

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    easy answer.
    do what you like doing.
    and do it properly
    and do it all the time.
    that way it doesn't matter if it is a blog, your own product, twitter marketing or whatever , because you will be enjoying what you do , you will make money.
    (piece of cake)
    Just good marketing advice - Business ideas
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    What ever road you decide to take to making money online, I think commitment is your biggest asset to start off with.

    I created my own digital product whilst I was still in full-time emplyoment which led to me doing 15 hour days but once I started marketing and selling that product it enabled me to quit my job and focus on my next project and the more money I bought in, the more I could outsource and grow my business.

    As with any business on or offline, you need a positive cash flow running through your business. My advice would be to start off small (article marketing affiliate products) then create your own digital product and work your way up, improving your marketing skills as you go.

    Just my 2 cents from experience!

    P.S- I created a complete business package for creating your own resell rights and plr product, just check my signature if interested, it may help.

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    I don't believe there is a general 'best way' per se - I think it's more a case of people applying their skills to a method that most suits them. Clearly some methods have the potential to be more lucrative than others, though I believe initially you need to identify a method that you have the necessary skills to implement.

    I've always seen outsourcing as something that comes once you've established yourself as a marketer - not something you'd look to do right from the outset.
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    Start your own site. Benefits:
    1. More credibility
    2. FAME
    3. Money by PPC or CPA
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      If money is the final product of all your hard work then money must be your first concern! If you are simply putting up a soapbox or its a hobby that you want to share then making a profit has no meaning.

      So you must FIRST find things to sell - there are zillions of things to sell. You can sell eBay and WalMart and have millions of things to sell. Question is how much do you make per item? You can sell AdSense and not even have a product to sell.

      Your SECOND thing to consider is profit margin - high or low? Low profit margin requires HUGE traffic - High profit margin means niche traffic. I'd suggest niche traffic to start with. Now we must target 50%+ profit items to sell - there are a ton of them. We all have interests so find products that you don't hate to sell. Personally I'd have a hard time with wedding stuff but to others that's what makes them tick.

      Google itself is all you need to find hot searches that match up with high profit margin items. WordPress is free and so are the thousands of plug-ins to make your website look professional. Get a cheap hosting site, like HostGator and just 1 domain name that is generic (like www dot ForMoreInformation dot com) and add sub-domains in front of it - like www dot WeightLossSecrets dot ForMoreInformation dot com. Google makes little distinction of web name this way and you can use just about any name you can think of.

      Your total cost for 10+ websites should be less than $100 per year - and you own everything. Your goal now is to make your fist $100 in the next year; that's $10 per year per website - you can do it.

      Anything beyond that is pure profit.

      Best of luck...
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    Any of the product/service mentioned in this thread will make you money, provided you know how to market it. So it's important you know how to drive targetted traffic to your website.
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    I can only speak from experience here, but I found the best way to start (and keep) making money is through physical products. The margins are lower (as opposed to zero delivery cost digital products) but the overall volume will eventually be higher.

    Plus if you market to audiences that tend to be left out of the info-product "wars" then you can effectively target at a lower cost with a considerably higher conversion which leads to an overall ROI of 6 to 7 times as much, and when you subtract the 50-70% hard fixed costs of the product, you're still making roughly 2.5-3 times as much net profit per marketing dollar spent.

    Of course, it requires more infrastructure and management, but I never was afraid of work...
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    Make sure you would buy what you are selling, if you think it is a stupid product so will everyone else.
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    For the start, best way is to start blogging, and as time goes by, and you are more and more expirienced, put some affiliate ads, and start as an affiliate marketer, and while you are becoming expirienced affiliate marketer, and make some money doing it, you start to think about creation of your own product, and then you become a vendor..When you are a vendor things starts to move a little bit faster, and whole "make money online" thing seams to be a lot easier..
    Well, that was just my way..
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