Can you learn digital marketing in school?

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Can you learn digital marketing in school at all? Ive been studying digital marketing for about a month and a half, and the way I've gone about studying is through the internet, researching, talking to people and now I'm trying to start my own lil project to help me understand digital marketing a lil more. I asked that question because A lot of people told me that you can't learn it in school so I didn't even bother with looking into.
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    Many colleges have courses on digital marketing and some even offer courses on SEO. But I'm not sure how in-depth they go on all this stuff.

    Just search websites of post-secondary schools around you, many of them have course outlines online.

    And I swear that I saw somewhere online a diploma program in Digital Marketing and SEO.

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    I had a friend who received a marketing major from a school (not sure if it was college or university)

    He is the one who introduced me to the world of internet marketing and he said it has helped him a fair bit by understanding the background behind marketing.

    As for specific digital marketing, I'm not sure.
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    Full Sail University has a few online programs where you can earn a certificate, bachelors, and masters in internet marketing.

    I have no personal knowledge of the programs or the curriculums. Full Sail University has a good reputation in film, art, and video game design. If you're looking for a very structured program maybe this would be worth looking into.

    Hope this helps,
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      Thank you. Im taking a look at it right now and its a 29 month program. There's a course once a month. Very interesting on how it works but I think I might go with this.
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    Where i come from, we could not learn digital marketing from school

    Online from some gurus or online
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    Cause when something comes to Academic, it become a bit stagnant.

    You would probably know outdated infos and it will not serve anything.

    Trust me: better learning on Internet, there are a lot of Academy and courses teaching email marketing.
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      I was thinking of just continue what I'm doing now and just study through the internet but wouldn't it look better to a company if I went to school forthis also?
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    Unfortunately, i could not learn digital marketing in school.
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    Most of the teachers of digital marketing have very limited knowledge about digital marketing.

    If they did have superb knowledge.... they probably wouldn't be teaching, grading assignments, and working long hours to develop the final exam.
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    Its crazy I talked to someone at my job and he said he learned through online. No school at all he said. He said he picked certain things and talked to a lot of people. Thats the exact same way I'm going about it.
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    The tricks and techniques of digital marketing keeps on changing very often.
    A school cannot update its syllabus every month.
    So, you cannot learn digital marketing in a school in a proper way.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    wouldn't it look better to a company
    If your goal is to work for a company (nothing wrong with that) - yes, it's better to have the degree. Anyone who says it isn't is not living in the real business world. More and more universities are offering graduate level degree programs in digital marketing. In the job market you can't compete with graduate degrees unless you have 10-15 years of SUCCESSFUL digital marketing experience.

    If the plan is to learn enough to work for yourself - you can learn without school if you are able to focus and willing to put in the time/effort.

    Just as with so many questions that are asked - there is no one right answer.
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      I want to work for a company and then drift off to start my own company in the future. Ive been studying already and thought of school(becouse a degree do look better) to help me get a job with a company. But I want to finish doing my studying first so I can be ahead when I do start.
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