[#Adpocalypse: Why YOUTUBER Millions of Views are worth NOTHING!]

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#Adpocalypse has come for Youtubers: Google is cutting off their advertising and the views have turned out to be a bubble that broke out.

#Adpocalypse is the keyword for this Youtube slap ...

What does it mean?

To understand it you must first understand a very simple fact: if you are not paying for a product, it means that YOU are the product.

When we use Gmail, #YouTube, and Maps, #Google customers are not us, but the companies that use #AdWords.

In 2016 they bought advertisements for almost 80 billion of dollars

One day, these advertisers discovered that their ads appeared (and hence indirectly funded) in videos made by the most horrible human beings around the world: Nazis, Islamic terrorists, etc.

After that, articles on this phenomenon come out on newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Times, so the Brands have withdrawn their campaigns from YouTube.

A trend so rapidly spread to bring several financial investors to downgrade the #Alphabeto'shares (the holding company that controls Google Inc.) from "buy" to "hold".

It's easy to imagine the dilemma that Google's Ceos will have spent.

Who to support? Who to save?
On the weight scale we have people who "scramble into the library", and at the other side 80 billion dollars.

After a long, two-day long reflection, Google responded by announcing a complete Revolution of the monetization system on YouTube.

However, the problem has proved to be so complex that the Mountain View giant is also in trouble: every single minute on YouTube actually are loaded 400 hours of video.

So Google had to unleash its algorithm, capable of detecting bad content not favorable to trademarks (violence, sex, drugs, etc.).

This has led to a massive demonization of videos, both old and new, triggering the psychosis of #Adpocalypse

Even youtubers are just a product, a space to showcase the advertising of the real Google customers: the Advertisers.

Youtubers have no asset, they are totally dependent to Google.
If you need a real asset, you need to learn to Build a List of Subscribers with their emails.

Youtubers must accept that the bubble burst.

Come to the real estate collapse in 2007, no one could have imagined that once you make faces buzz while playing at the Playstation or eating snacks that sucks it would stop being rewarded with a great economic return - but instead it happened.

And bubble burst because everything on this platform is doubled and distorted, as in all the speculative systems we have experienced in the recent past.

So what YOU could do if you are a Youtuber or have thought to become one?

You can direct all your youtube traffic to an opt in page, in order to acquire new leads, sell them products yours or as an affiliate, and have a REAL ASSET, that NOONE can take away from you.

By stopping relying on ads of Adsense, which is a 2003 strategy, and put a link in every your videos: so even with a percentage of the organic traffic u had before slaps, you can build a list big enough and make some sales in the front end and more in the back end.

All this and the Adpocalypse are crushing the life of the microcelebrities of YouTube.

Disney, after less than two years, has already closed Maker Studios firing dozens of people and incorporating the company into its pre-existing marketing departments.

Don't be the next one to have dreams destroyed.
Use Youtube clever: for lead generation and remarketing.

You will have leads in your email list that are really YOURS and not of a obscure algorithm.

This belongs to Email Marketing: the Art of Make Money Sending Emails.
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    This belongs to Email Marketing: the Art of Make Money Sending Emails.
    What does that refer to?

    Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    This looks like another THE SKY IS FALLING post, and then just in time a solution is conveniently offered, inside the OPs sig.

    You should know better than that, John, you've been here long enough.
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      I simply emphasize what i always say: without a list you don't have a business. And yes, in my signature there is a step by step program...

      BUT it isnt mine the "method". Email Marketing does not belong to anyone, and everyone can learn it even for free elsewhere cause the basic steps are spread everywhere.

      "Sky is falling" is TRUE. But the SKY that "youtubers" believe it was the limit or the only asset to rely on, every marketers have faced it with adwords, google ranking, and know that relying only on one platform is bad.
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    It looks like OP is annoyed by Google's ever changing algorithms like many of us. Nothing wrong with that. I have seen people freaked out or gone mad when their channels are shut down (very natural). In business world, your customers, your business partners (i.e. Google) are in the driver's seat actually. You're not your own boss because you don't pay yourself. Comply with YouTube's policy carefully, there shouldn't be any problems.
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    I asked because I did not know if you were categorizing or mentioning a source

    adpocalypse was analyzed to death almost a year ago, wasn't it? Disney and others had jumped into a market where they saw huge exposure and profits - and then learn the fallacy of depending on someone's else's platform.

    Not necessarily bad humans making videos but those 'sensations' like pewdiepie always looking for more attention/exposure and more shock value. Also were some real low lifes and YT wasn't able to sort them out - or hadn't bothered to do so....

    And the public (those who CONSUME the products) didn't like the anti-this and that....the racism and hate speech....the lack of any redeeming quality in many YT videos...

    Result - advertisers were leaving YouTube in large numbers - big advertisers like CocaCola re-evaluated their ad campaigns and moved money elsewhere...Duisney saw the writing on the wall and stopped their attempt to manipulate space on YT. Youtube 'sensations' and 'personalities' like pewdiepie stopped easily earning thousands for showing up and showing off on camera...and the world kept turning.

    When I read the various articles about the changes in ads and payouts I though it was the latest application of business principles.

    If the buying public turns against you - you will lose advertisers. If you lose advertisers in large numbers you will lose massive income.....and you will change your business model (TOS, etc) to regain customer approval. Offline or online - that's how it works.

    I will never be a big social media advocate and I spend little time on YouTube - but the changes that took place in the past year have been interesting to watch.

    Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    Im not annoyed to anything: this post is an implicit answer to the people calling "adpocalypse" the phenomen cause they rely only on adsense on youtube.

    It's not a matter of complying or not: the terms changes, and, as fb advertising, and adwords before, start to ban from revenue or cut the views to people who firstly are fully accepted and granted.

    BUT, if you're not a slave of adsense or ranking, it's not your problem. So not mine.
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    Thanks John, valid posts with valid concerns. And people including Newbies need to be reminded of this especially if it is so well articulated like you just did
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    I know a guy who has a $100 of passive income from only one video with only 5k views. But in that video he explains how to setup wordpress website on bluehost and have affiliate link for bluehost in description of a video. Use affilaites, go niche, it is much easier to earn with targeted audience.

    Also, friend of mine lives out of YouTube but he is not relying on Adsense. His main income comes through product placement. Here you can read his story how he succeeded on YouTube.
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    • Profile picture of the author Connann
      Good but not the best.

      Selling affiliate product is an advantage from relying on youtube adsense, but it's not so different, cause these revenue comes to organic traffic, and are dependent to organic one.

      BETTER is using Youtube not for product placement but for lead generation: so you build a list which worth a lot more than the organic traffic which delivered that lead.

      I mean if you sell a product thorugh organic traffic the monetization is 1:1

      If you build a list, the monetization is 1:+infinite cause the lead can buy to you multiple times even when the organic traffic which has generated the leads is dead.
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        Originally Posted by Connann View Post

        I mean if you sell a product thorugh organic traffic the monetization is 1:1

        If you build a list, the monetization is 1:+infinite cause the lead can buy to you multiple times even when the organic traffic which has generated the leads is dead.
        That's not an entirely correct approach. YouTube has got a subscription button, so you can reach to your subscribers multiple times SEAMLESSLY whenever you publish a new video, having an email is surely advantageous (you're not at the mercy of Google), but keeping a good relation with your subscribers PERSONALLY isn't trivial task. Content spam could be a factor. Better approach would be selling your own info products and building a buyers list while your main focus should be creating more and more quality video content, warming up your subscribers now and often, building an authority, and being likeable by Google. That's what some top YouTubers do. In fact, asking people's email address right away could be a double-edged sword. It can do more harm than good sometimes, especially when you got nothing to send in emails except some copied sales pitch. Your list can quickly lose an interest towards you and your offers. Adding value consistently is the key to building sustainable online biz.
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