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I'm sure we've all seen the hype about making a million dollars in 12 days doing this or $1000 a day doing that, and like sheep we join these programs only to find out that they weren't what they appeared to be. You'll either spend more money in advertising than profits you'll get back or else you'll pay hundreds of dollars to buy into a "system" and never be able to get it off the ground. Now I'm not saying that every business opportunity is a scam, definitely not. There are some really good ones out there that actually work and this thread is all about finding out exactly which ones those are. I would like you to share your business opportunity/affiliate program here letting me know about YOUR personal experiences with it. Please, just stick to the facts, don't post hype or fake payment proofs cause those are OH SO OBVIOUS! Just let me know what the opportunity is, your link to join or get more info, how long you've been doing it, how much profit you've made so far and how much it's cost you to make that profit. In addition it would be helpful to discuss what advertising methods you've used to achieve your results. I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome stuff!! Thanks everyone!
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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum - I'd suggest you rearrange your expectations...

    This forum has been online since the late 90's or so - it is filled with information and case studies and products and advice.

    It is not logical to expect members here to start posting all their stories over again just for you....or provide a personal coaching program for you.

    I don't think that's how you meant your thread to 'sound' - but it comes across as rather demanding and a bit entitled. How about you use the search function to find specific information - visit the various forum sections and read enough to get a feel to for those members who seem to be expert in their fields....

    As you have specific questions about a site or SEO or whatever to do with IM - feel free to ask that question and hopefully someone will answer.

    Just let me know what the opportunity is, your link to join or get more info, how long you've been doing it, how much profit you've made so far and how much it's cost you to make that profit. In addition it would be helpful to discuss what advertising methods you've used to achieve your results.
    I'm sure many spammers here will love to tell you their 'opportunity' and provide a 'link to join' - just before they are banned here. Asking people on a forum how much they earn or what it costs them to run their business may go too far.

    Settle in for a read and become a participating forum member...works best that way.


    Saving one dog will not change the world - but forever changes the world for one dog.
    Sometimes people come into your life and they need to stop doing that...
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      Hi Kay, thanks for your input. Sure I could have just browsed around this forum and read stuff that was already posted on my topic but how much fun would that be? To me it's like listening in on someone else's conversation. I prefer to start my own, even if the topic has been discussed ad nauseam. Also, I don't mind if people post links here about their business opportunities or resources they've used successfully for their business. We're all seasoned marketers here and I can easily spot and delete the spam. Also, I've been on other forums where people don't mind posting their costs and profits, in fact some will flaunt just that. However, for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable doing that then just let me know about your cost per sale. The idea behind my query is to bring to light a fact that many business owners both online and offline continue to ignore believe it or not...is their business REALLY profitable? Don't believe me?
      Ask any accountant how many businesses fail each year because they don't know their bottom line at all times. Sure it's great to bask in all the cash your making but when the credit card and other bills come in and you realize that you're actually broke then that sucks big time! Better to know what the costs of any business are, either online or offline, before you decide to get into it. I have purchased many offline businesses in the past and I will never buy a business that doesn't present a balance sheet of some kind showing their profits, costs and losses and they had better be willing to back that all up with their bank statements for the last 5 years before I hand over any money. I believe the same thing should apply for online businesses. After all, these are still real businesses that you're buying into and why should you invest in something that could end up being a colossal waste of both your time and money? If a business is not transparent with their costs and profits then in my opinion, it's not worth investing in period.
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        Originally Posted by Bill Rapanos View Post

        why should you invest in something that could end up being a colossal waste of both your time and money? If a business is not transparent with their costs and profits then in my opinion, it's not worth investing in period.

        Who is offering you a business for sale? You are confusing "how to" info with the purchase of a business. No book on business has the author's profit and loss or ANY bank statements printed with it.

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        Originally Posted by Bill Rapanos View Post

        I don't mind if people post links here about their business opportunities


        Welcome to the Warrior forum. If you haven't already, I would suggest you spend some time here and look around discovering all the resources that are available. You will find plenty of income opportunities in the paid sections of the forum . . . but not in the main forum itself - for good reason.

        When you read the forum rules (that's the first thing you did right?) you will find that self-promotion is not allowed except in signature files and in the paid sections of the forum (like WSOs, classified ads, Warriors for Hire, etc). So when you ask people to post links to their business opportunities and income screen shots in the main forum, you are asking members to break the rules.

        You can always survey members sig files and find income offers. You can visit the paid sections of the forum and find income offers.

        One other thing that you probably don't realize. It is against the forum rules (you did read them, right?) to trash other members and their products or offers. That would undoubtedly happen if this thread listed specific offers and members were allowed to comment on them. So again, what you want out of this thread is not in compliance with already established practices. There is a product review section of the forum where you can see member reviews. And of course, you can read through the threads of the WSOs for member assessment.

        The very best to you,


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I have seen many show their profits with their story or case study.
    I appreciate those and take it as a lesson for myself. But if someone show theirs and give some links for other to join, i will not believe.
    Internet Marketing is not "immediately money" but it is definitely a long road.
    It's like a real business. You have to carefully find out about it first then started to do!
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      Ofcourse it's a real business but yes the "get rich quick" schemes over the years have effectievly polluted the whole make money online concept which is why this thread exists.
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    There are some great affiliate programs out there but online success is more about skills and experience rather than about finding the one that works.

    In the beginning you will need a great deal of exposure whether you use free or paid traffic.

    But sadly most people will quit the process far too early before they start seeing the results that they want.

    Now on the flipside...

    Everyone had to start right where you are.

    All the people who you may perceive as successful were once feeling stuck and were spinning their wheels at one point or another.
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      Yep, we all have to start somewhere and online marketing seems to be one of those things that has a steep learning curve and takes forever to get going. I can appreciate why newbies would quit early, but when you think about the more difficult, costly and slower yielding ROI "brick and mortar" business model then online doesn't seem so bad anymore ;-)
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    I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offers for over 17 years. The one thing I tell everyone is to consider PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers because they have worked so well for me.

    The reason why is because no credit card / purchase is required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher compared to offers that require a sale to be made.

    I want to make as much as I can with the least amount of work and for me, it's proven to create the path of least resistance to generating high conversions/$$$.

    Anyway, something to consider if you are thinking about promoting affiliate / CPA offers.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    18 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    • Profile picture of the author Bill Rapanos
      Hi Diablo, thanks for this good advice. Can you recommend any good PPL providers to use? I understand that many of those can also be plagued with fraud as is the case with buying traffic so a recommendation for some good providers would be worth it's weight in gold. :-)
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    Hi Bill, there are many marketers out there using their snapshots showing the big money they earning to attract people to buy their courses. Of course, there are genuine ones who are really experts and sincere in their coaching. The good ones will have a support team and help desk after the training is done. They provide continual coaching and even free webinars to keep the students updated. There will be step-by-step guidance throughout. However, everyone will need to have the right mindset, perseverance to put in time & effort to progress & succeed. Action speaks louder than words..
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    • Profile picture of the author Bill Rapanos
      Hi Elizabeth, yes you're right snapshots of income are almost like honey to a bear for recruiting new affiliates. However, that doesn't mean that every snapshot is real. I've seen some pretty good photoshopped fakes. One guy posted an image of his paypal account showing a balance of $1.3 Million LOL! I really don't see that as being real and if it was then why the heck is he posting on Facebook groups looking for new people to sign up? If I had that kind of scratch, the last place I would be was posting on make money groups on Facebook!:-D
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    If you are looking for specifics you won't get them in this thread and theres a simple reason why....theres no incentive for people to share specifically what makes them money. Its the reverse. theres plenty of reasons not to share real business opportunities in public forums since all that does is create competition.

    Its not rocket science though. People make money online the same way they make it offline

    You offer a service or a product. Your success is determined by four things

    Does anybody want your service or product?
    Is you product or service a quality one?
    How many people can you make aware of your offers?
    Can you be effective in presenting the offer to those people?

    If you think being an affiliate etc is not a service - sure it is. You are providing an advertising service to the product owner (for a cut of the pie). EVERYTHING in any business is either service or product - just like offline.

    Theres a fifth element to LONG TERM success.

    Whats the barrier of entry?

    This is probably where most Imers fall flat. If anyone can get into a business opportunity easily and free the returns running that opportunity will decline fast. Again its just like offline. The jobs that require no skill to learn or become good at pays the worse. Why should it pay good? Anyone can do it.

    Imers come on forums and ask what business opportunity they should go after , then they ask how can I get traffic and some then ask if they can get into it free or cheap. All the time they don't realize they are really asking -

    What opportunity has no barrier of entry and will end up paying me nothing?

    No creativity with no money with no work ends up the same place that it does offline - dead broke.

    So heres the answer to your question about what business opportunities making Real money


    Someone at some time likely made money with just about any and everything. Might have been due to timing. It could have been luck but more likely it was they had a skill or developed something people wanted and needed -NOT because it dropped in their lap and almost never because they asked on a general forum.

    So its simple - look for a need or want that few are satisfying ...be creative and work your rear end off to supply it. Then work hard on the one thing that thankfully locks other people out of making money online - creating traffic.

    You will then make oodles regardless of niche.

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    We're all seasoned marketers here and I can easily spot and delete the spam
    Not true, and no, you can't.

    Yet another newbie (seasoned marketer) wanting us to do their research for them...some things never change.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      Yet another newbie (seasoned marketer) wanting us to do their research for them...
      That and "How do I get traffic/customers"

      Its the ultimate fantasy WSO mentality.

      I'll go on a forum have no ideas of my own and

      1) they will tell me what business to do for free
      2) They will tell me exactly how to do it for free
      3) They will get the customers for me (or draw a map to where they are so I can easily find them)for free.
      4) I will collect the money and say thanks(or not).

      The only thing missing is where they can kiss a frog and have it turn into a handsome Prince or Princess

      However it does match Sleeping Beauty for the amount of work they think they will have to put in to MMO.

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  • Profile picture of the author Kay King
    There are more 'newbies' here than successful marketers - probably true of any IM forum these days. Those who are successful already know about costs and net profits and tracking expenses....many of them were successful offline before jumping into IM.

    I believe the same thing should apply for online businesses.
    If you bought a pre-built website you would need every bit of information available to make a buying decision - same is true if you are buying an online business. If you are 'investing' in MMO 'opportunities' (I expect you know what I mean) - no way to verify any claims made.

    Understand that not everyone works in the MMO 'niche' - some of us are writers or copywriters or have our own products or software to sell. In those businesses, the important part is the quality of the service provided or the usefulness of the products being sold...not the income of the seller.

    Not arguing with you - just encouraging you to take a step back and open the options for working online. Many of the best online marketers I know were once good offline business people...there are many skills that transfer.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but forever changes the world for one dog.
    Sometimes people come into your life and they need to stop doing that...
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    Hi Bill,


    My advice/story: I was really skeptical of making money online, because I was burned by someone as a newbie, 10 years ago.

    But turns out, I wasn't burned, but full of doubting, fearful energy. So of course I'll attract a scammer who would reflect my doubts/fears back to me.

    Instead of getting angry at him, or trying to kill his rep, I eventually wound up thanking him (in my mind) because he simply pointed out the fact that I was full of doubt and fears, said doubt and fears I needed to own, and feel and release before I could do the creating and connecting necessary - and practicing - to build a successful online business.

    So.....clear out the fears and doubts, Young Online Padawan

    I have been there, so I see how your post is dripping with the fears of being scammed or whatever. No worries. Just own it, feel it, clear it, and your skepticism will dissolve into open-ness.

    I'd also suggest you bust your a** on befriending and connecting with reputable, heart-centered, generous mentors who offer helpful free content out the ying yang. These influential gals and guys will introduce you to a whole network of thriving, heart-centered, awesome, transparent, genuine online entrepreneurs.

    Some island hopping blogger I know has hundreds of such friends. But so do many established, kind marketers on this forum.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Invest in my blogging course to live your wildest dreams through blogging.
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    You can make real money on Ebay. I know you believe that. Why not use Ebay as your way to make money online? (Since you dont believe in $1,000,000 in 23 days).
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  • Profile picture of the author Eden A
    They are some great affiliates out there.
    You are right they are some scammers in this field.

    But not all affiliates are bad.
    What you need to do is low your expectations.
    because there isn't any magical affiliate out there that
    you will tap on and BOOM make money without doing a thing.

    I have a lot of people from the field who I know and had to see
    success and some that aren't. The big difference is that those who
    see success work for it no matter what affiliate they are going and

    learn how to write a good ad, learn how to sell, learn how to help people
    with their product, you can see the fire in their eyes.

    when you just seek the money sorry to burst your bubble but that won't happen.

    You need to find an affiliate where you believe in their product
    and believe that this product can and will change people live's.

    Then after you found something like that, you go and spread the word, but not please buy from me and shit like that, but really go and from a place that you know it will help them and the keyword is LEARN, learn how to do it.

    If you want you are welcome to reach out and I will gladly give you a
    recommendation about some great books to read that helped me along the way.

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  • Profile picture of the author tritrain
    Yeah, I'd stick around and read posts, do searches. After a while you may feel you know enough, or you could decide to try one of the programs.

    I think the best performing stuff is mostly kept a secret, at least for quite a while. Might as well corner the market, before telling others about it.

    However, you can make money with almost all affiliate programs. I personally like Amazon's, if you can get enough sales volume.

    A number of people seem to have a lot of success with tried and true, sales funnels. They could work with anything.

    The first thing you should do is buy a Lamborghini, so you can look the part.
    Domains for sale - see seopositions.net
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  • Profile picture of the author Kay King
    As you can see from this thread - no end to those who think "click my sig" or 'contact me' or similar promotion is 'the answer'....

    Which is why your best path forward is to explore various forum sections to identify those with experience/knowledge to share and a willingness to advise.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but forever changes the world for one dog.
    Sometimes people come into your life and they need to stop doing that...
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    I've been around long enough to know that most methods of monetization online CAN work...affiliate marketing, advertising, product creation, services, consulting, software, e-commerce, etc...

    There are two things you want to spend your time doing...

    1) Understand the model behind each along with the pro's/con'
    2) Match your own goals, interests, ambitions and strengths to the model that best helps you achieve those goals

    For example, taking #1, affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize a market where you are active, can offer some value-add and do not (yet) have your own product...on the other hand, relying solely on affiliate marketing means you give up control over the products you are promoting...AND you have to be able to show positive ROI with commission subject to the costs of marketing. On the other hand, advertising via Adsense, banner placements, endorsements, etc... can be lucrative but demands significant eyeballs which means LOTS of content and LOTS of engagement which also means you have to master multiple platforms and know how to continuously produce compelling content

    Once you work through each model people typically quickly identify one that they relate best to and that best aligns with their skills/strengths...people who do NOT do this type of analysis tend to jump into opportunities and monetization methods where they have less natural inclination or strengths for, underestimate the effort and give up after 6-12 months.

    So, my advice is focus less on specific opportunity and instead identify the business model that will take you where you want to go
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    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for asking this question. This is a very real inquiry. I know as I have been developing my tactics to market online I've encountered many make millions videos, emails, squeeze sites and the such. I am not an expert nor do I ever want to proclaim myself in that manner (at least now). Here is some suggestions of what I am doing to make some money as an affiliate.

    I have a site in which I help people with custom made clothing. I work with other companies helping people with personalized gifts from Disney, Harry Potter, Superman, Batman, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Moana, Sesame Street or Looney Tunes and more. As an example, if you want your picture or name added to a Mickey Mouse shirt then I can assist with the design.

    On my site I have an ebay affiliate ad that i route back to ebay under the search of Stranger Things since it's such a fad right now. It will link to a search for Stranger Things clothing. Anything sold will give me a credit towards my Ebay account.

    Here is the link to my site, Burger's WireDesign with the Ebay ad: https://burgerswiredesign.weebly.com/

    I hope this information helps give you ideas on what you can do? I know that Ebay's affiliate program looks pretty good since they sell about anything under the sun so whatever your niche may be it could help put some $$$ in your pockets.

    Jon Burger
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    When someone offers you a business and shows you how much they earn, and mostly focused on what they have bought with their earnings, it's just probably just hyping you. Success doesn't come overnight and nothing worth having ever comes easy.
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    I think the competition on Internet has become so fierce that people fear to show the exact methods that they use

    many people do give good advice on warrior forum but the real things that earn them the money may not be revealed
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    Yes lots of those biz opps are scams but it's also true that like every other business, success is not assured. People join, get the training and expect that money starts flowing into their bank account.

    Look I see shops, restaurants and all kinds of other businesses close down every day. The owners typically end up in debt for the rest of their life.

    On the other hand, if the business opportunity you've joined doesn't work for you, you can just quit, and stop paying your monthly fee...and that's it.

    Now when it comes to choosing the right opportunity, my experience has taught me the following:

    1) Choose a company that offers a free trial or a low entry fee (around $50)
    2) Make sure they provide all the marketing material, including, landing pages, blogs, videos and sales pages
    2) Make sure customer support is strong
    3) The company should offer regular meetings and different levels of coaching, depending on your level
    4) Your marketing efforts should be rewarded by high ticket commissions (typically around the $1000 mark)
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    • Profile picture of the author Sioh Boon Yap
      Thanks Franamico for your great advise. Anyway, despite all the thoughts, selling high ticket commissions has never been easy especially for newbie in Online Marketing. However, I still think it is good to start from Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank, Amazon etc whom have established their names for years.
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  • Profile picture of the author Alex July
    I think, there is nothing wrong with this question.
    Bill Rapanos is looking for a mentor, as far as I understand.
    Just change your focus from looking for
    Originally Posted by Bill Rapanos View Post

    some awesome stuff!!
    to looking for a person who is a well-respected and recognized teacher like Tai Lopez, Pat Flynn, Yaro Starak.

    Hey, Warriors! Check my latest and greatest blog post:
    Aweber Sucks? Should You Switch from Aweber To ConvertKit?

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