My 9/10th Year Internet Marketing Cycle

by amuro
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While everyone was partying, dating and celebrating especially come year end, I have been working very hard on my internet business for the last 7-8 years.

1. Researching to make sense of what this whole internet marketing and make money online is about.

2. Experimenting with different models to find out which works for me best even though I don't suggest any newbie to right now as that costs time and money

3. Understanding the fundamentals of keyword and market research

4. Building 6 different kinds of websites as in blogs, landing pages, salespages, membership sites, company sites and e-commerce sites.

5. Learning to use different tools like autoresponder, website creation tools ie. Kompozer - which I still don't know how to build a squeeze page from html, XSitePro2 and now Wordpress.

6. Speaking of Wordpress, I took another 3 years to fully grasp and set up a profitable site through trial and error as well as Google constant updates which I must say were very humbling and challenging moments for me.

7. Even so, I took 1 and a half year more just to learn WooCommerce as I began to discover e-commerce sites - especially the ones built on WooCommerce - have a much higher perceived value than normal company, info and landing page sites.

8. Learning to switch to brand new hosting when my old one faced hacking issues.

9. Learning to backup my Wordpress files the hard way after rebuilding all my affected sites from scratch in late 2015-17.

Despite facing these different challenges, I am proud to say I have over 40 good profitable websites.

From blog, landing page, standard info sites and e-commerce sites.

During the time of rebuilding my sites, I took inspiration by listening to our founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew videos rebuilding Singapore from the events of Japanese occupation and British retakeover.

Even though I am not keen on politics and PAP supporter.

No one really understood what I was going through.

Not my so-called friends.

And definitely not my family.

But I don't blame them entirely because they were just as ignorant to this whole internet marketing game as I was when I got started.

As we are heading towards the last quarter of 2017 and into 2018, that will be the 10th year anniversary of how I got started online and still battling the odds.

However great they seem stacked against me.

I am still in business while most will have failed and given up still thinking this whole internet is a scam.

They got married and due to financial difficulties from their jobs, misunderstandings with their spouses and kids, their minds become defragmented.

From a once happy carefree kids and teenagers, they now became anxious adults and parents.

Wondering each and everyday where and how to get additional income besides the jobs they do.

But because they choose to be in that path, they have to bear full responsibility for their choices.

However they disliked and loathed them.
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