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The Importance of Outsourcing

For the record, I am a complete beginner in the middle of launching my first IM business in 2 weeks.

I'm sure a lot of new warriors like me who haven't made their first sale. Don't like the idea of outsourcing. We're always trying to do things the free and easy way, if possible.

Anyways in my business I was at the point. Where I needed to design a cover for my lead magnet, and edit my lead magnet from start to finish. So pretty much my business was already over before it started. I am horrible at using art design software. When it comes to editing/proof reading i'm a huge epic fail lol...

Rather than letting the killer stress I was under get the best of me, and instinctively quit. I in turn went to Google. I came across a site called "fiverr". I was amazed @ the stuff you could outsource and the prices? who can argue with them. I know I personally can't! I ended getting an amazing book cover done for $5USD and professional edited for $10USD.

For $15 I saved myself a tremendous amount of stress and countless hours. But, then i realized: If it's going to cost you a lot of time, consider outsourcing it. Time is money in this business. So spending a small amount up front can save you $100's in the long run! If you put the time saved towards your business.

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    Originally Posted by Runway View Post

    I was amazed @ the stuff you could outsource and the prices? who can argue with them.
    ... ticked off business owners, copyright attorneys, and civil judges ... that's who.

    Andrew I'm not saying this will happen to you, but . . . here's a headsup for you and others new to IM.

    There have been a number of copyright and trademark infringement law suits brought against unsuspecting business owners that outsourced various projects like graphics, copyrighting, and other creative works because the material used by the "contractor" (on Fiverr or any other number of sites) was without permission or license. If you are thrown in a lawsuit because your Fiverr guy stole a graphic or report or something else, the law will come after you as the owner of the stolen material, not your outsourcer.

    It pays to check where the material is sourced and what licenses were in possession when you outsource. Think about it . . . how much time can someone making $4 profit on a creative work afford to spend on a single project? Often, the material is "borrowed" (translated: copied and stolen) from another web site.

    The natural inclination for newbies is to think . . . "what are the chances of my getting caught?" They are probably pretty small; but is a lawsuit costing you thousands of dollars worth the risk when you can avoid such entanglements altogether?

    Just a word of caution when using outsourcers - due diligence is always a good idea.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Where would you recommend I go to get a Lead Magnet edited? Thanks so much for the post! Huge eye opener..
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    There are a number of reputable copywriters and proofreaders right here on the WF - but this isn't the only place. Try Warriors for Hire. Also, Upwork is used by lots of folks here but I have never used that platform. I would look for someone that is trusted in the industry and who comes with lots of good recommendations. Let them know that you are concerned about copyright and want fresh, original material. You would also be fairly safe purchasing a PLR lead magnet from a reputable source and then modifying it for your needs.

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Fiverr is very well-known on this forum. You will soon see. Anything that is worth intellectual value, or any kind of intellectual property that you want from a seller on Fiverr.... brand it. Put your name or business on the brand new material, and do a check online to see if there is a duplicate of the finished materials anywhere.

    This isn't bullet-proof, but just be cautious when dealing with brand new, un-tested vendors on Fiverr. Some do a GREAT job. And some just suck when it comes to negotiating and doing business with. But you'll learn the ropes soon.
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    Outsourcing is a very good option for companies. I highly recommend it.
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