For those who struggle with making money online.....

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I know that there a number of people who are new to internet marketing here. I also know that there are a number of people who have been here for awhile and are really struggling. So i want to give you a few insights. If you are a struggling marketer here are a few insights from me to you.

You NEED specialized knowledge

You need to pick a niche and aim to become the top 30% in the market of your niche
In order to be a success to need to learn your niche up and down, front to back and everywhere in between. Take a month to learn your niche and you will need all you need to know.

You need to focus on HELPING people rather than making money

Whatever you do, Don't be the marketer who just chases money all day. Be the marketer who is focused on creating SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES for your customers. You need to be able to provide them to a solution to their problems. This makes getting traffic easy and making money A LOT EASIER. The more you chase a buck the quicker you will realize you are wasting time.


You need to make a plan, a system, a blueprint SOMETHING. Don't just think "I'm going to be the best marketer out there. PLAN your way to becoming the best marketer out there. Me personally i write down my goals for the week on a Document then every time i accomplish a goal. i go over the text with a white highlighter and cover them up. This makes you HIGHLY productive.

You need to learn how to SELL yourself

Stop trying to sell people products and sell them the ultimate product YOU. Then they will want your products

Have something for sale

In order to make money you need to have something for sale. How can you have something to sell when you don't have something for sale? I hope you get the pun there lol.

Remember, Abundance comes to those tomorrow, Who PLAN for it today...

~Antwain Nance out!!
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