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Just wanted to share a positive experience I had with dotcomsecrets today. I got a phonecall from one of their sales guys about the coaching scheme. Now in the first place I want to say I spoke to them 2 months ago and told them it wasn't the right time. They were very polite about it and asked if I could be contacted in a couple of months when I knew what I would be doing a little better.
Today - 2 months to the day(yes I checked) I get a call from them. For me it's even less the time having just taken on a 40 hour a week contract and with my two little girls happily eating up anything approaching free time. Anyway...back to my point. I said once again I wasn't interested at this time and that I'd just taken on a big commitment timewise. Once again they respected my call but instead of just goodbye or the can I call again script the salesman - michael I think it was - said "Hey even if it's not with us don't give up with your online efforts, there is money to be made there for you."

And that was nice. So, even if they didn't get a sale out of me today I wanted to publicly acknowledge the quality of customer service these guys showed.
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