What are some great bonuses to add to an information product offer?

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Im done my product, but having trouble finding ideas for great bonuses... What do you guys have as bonuses?

Right now i have 2:

- Woorksheets to help with what i teach
- and a private facebook group (is it a problem if nobody is on the facebook group at the moment?)

Is that enough?
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    Bonuses could be anything; but IMO, they should always
    • Be related to, or relevant to the main product
    • Somehow enhance, add to, or provide additional utility to the main product
    • Be something that is unique to you (if possible) so that the buyer will not find it elsewhere. This will make your offer seem more exclusive and urgent (if he wants it, you are the only option)
    • Be of significant value itself - not just some add-on to increase the "thud factor" of the complete purchase
    • Solve a problem, make life easier or more fulfilling, or help the buyer to realize a dream or desire
    • Carry your brand and help to market your business. Bonuses get passed around - why not use that distribution to your advantage?
    Just a word of caution: make sure the product has utility by itself and does not rely on the bonuses to work properly - products that don't work without the bonuses will seem incomplete and misleading. Many people never even view or "unwrap" bonuses.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Some other ideas:

    - Related reports or guides, I've done these to explain a tool or specific technique for instance adjacant to the material in the core product
    - Supplementary audio or video material - doing this more often now to help explain a technique, share a story or experience, update the content after a product has been on the market for a few months, or even interview an expert
    - Offer a one-time Q&A or group coaching session (you can run these once per month and pull that month's buyers in for example) done as either a webinar or audio conference
    - Also have cut a deal with highly relevant product where I give a valuable freebie from someone else that acts as a lead into their product (As long as it adds value and is not just fluff)

    Hope that helps
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    In addition to what the others had mentioned... Case Studies have proven to be great bonuses.

    Good Luck!
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    There're many sites that allow you to download products, case study, software as Bonuses.
    But pay attention to those Bonuses because some could has the copyright and your product site might be dealed with the google algorithm.
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    Ask yourself this one question:

    "What's the MAIN thing that the end user will in all likelihood struggle with?".

    If you can add a bonus that addresses this problem, then you've just produced the most practical bonus.
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    1 is more than enough Jake.

    I'd double down on mindset work buddy; seems like you are suffering from "I am not good enough or I am not enough" syndrome, which you over compensate for by trying to cram all types of value into your offering.

    No bonus is enough, if you feel whole and complete.

    I don't do a free giveaway with my list, and I seem to be doing OK

    Do that inner work bro; doing that stuff clears the fear, which helps you work from love and fun energies, which are super prospering, and which help you stick to simple, clean, lean strategies, which of course yield sweet results.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Hey Jake

    You seem to have the right idea buddy.

    Anything that compliments your product will definitely work and as far as having a worksheet to reinforce what you teach along with a FB group are definitely winners.

    At the end of the day, the main thing is that they grasp what you're teaching them to do in your product.

    I hope this helps out

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    Originally Posted by Jake Green View Post

    Im done my product, but having trouble finding ideas for great bonuses... What do you guys have as bonuses?

    Right now i have 2:

    - Woorksheets to help with what i teach
    - and a private facebook group (is it a problem if nobody is on the facebook group at the moment?)

    Is that enough?
    Is there anything related to your product you could use?

    It's very hard to come up with suggestions without knowing your product.

    At the same tome I often find bonuses overrated and would rather either focus more time on the actual product or promoting and marketing the product. (IMO)
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    One thing no one else has mentioned...

    Offer too many bonuses, and people will question the product itself.

    "If this thing is taht good, why does it need eleventy-eleven bonuses?"

    There was a time several years ago when it was popular to offer a $47 product with "over $10,000 in bonuses."

    There were generally two catches:

    1. Each bonus had its own squeeze page, so to get the 'free' bonus, you had to sign up for yet another list.

    2. The bonuses themselves were often over valued by multiples of 10. Just about every offer included a PDF of the public domain Scientific Advertising ($97 value)
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    Anything that is not worth more than your main product.

    Don't make the mistake to offer $19,929.42 worth of bonuses selling a $97 product. Because you'll get a lot of people who will refund after they get the bonuses.

    Anything that can add value to the main product/offer, but that doesn't sound better than the main offer.

    I was promoting a weight loss course and I gave away a paleo ebook as a bonus.

    The perceived value for the course is obviously higher than the ebook. But who wouldn't want an ebook that is related to the main offer? Even if the perceived value is lower, many would like to get it. Not because they can't live without your bonus, but because they really need the main offer and would appreciate your free bonus.

    You want people to buy the main course, not your bonuses. Having them is nice but I've seen people extremely overuse them which causes a lot of refunds and attracting the type of clients who won't take your main product/offer seriously.

    It's like buying a $47 Cpa Marketing course and getting 12 Free PLR ebooks, personal 1-on-1 (in their house) mentorship, tickets to your mastermind event, a scooter and the ability to cook their pizza in your brick oven for the next 30 days.

    P.S. I love pizza in brick oven.

    If you really offer that as a bonus, I'll buy whatever you're promoting!
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    At the end of the day a bonus is only a bonus.

    It's something that isn't really needed but would be a great addition. Don't give bonuses too often and make sure it's less valuable than the main product.
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    There are several sites that offer giveaway rights to free ebooks etc that you can give away as a bonus. Just do Google search for giveaway rights. You can choose those that complement the the niche you are in.
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    For info products, you can give a pack of 10 other ebooks as bonus
    you may give any free software that helps them
    you can give a free 50 to 75% discount coupons for your other products
    You can give a free webinar by any expert in your field.
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    Honestly if you do give away bonuses just 1 or 2 is enough but so long as the bonus relates to the product make sure its congruent and helps the person getting it.

    If your selling a software a simple bonus showing them how to use the software, any tips or tricks to get the best out of the software. etc.

    That's what i see that works, But i do agree with alot of people you dont need to provide 8-10 bonus otherwise the question about "how great is this product" will come to the customers mind.

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