Branding isn't what people think it is...

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I get a kick out of seeing so much advice, so many discussions and courses around the topic of "Branding" and yet 99% of the advice misses THIS...


We can look any any successful branding campaign or company/individual who has won the branding game...there is certainly the concept of being different, being interesting and attracting your demographic, but the most important part is simply taking MASSIVE ACTION.

Here's a great blog post from Sir Richard Branson profiling a $30M hairstylists and salon owner that has built/is building a strong brand across India...when it comes down to understanding his success it's not about the brand statement "...affordable and high-quality hair & beauty services" - instead it IS ALL about his maniac-like work ethic - travel, seminars, TV interviews, multiple TV shows, articles, academies, etc...

I work with people on their businesses each day and so many have either given up trying to work on branding (because they are intimidated believing there is some SECRET they do not yet know about) or are working too much around thinking, planning and creating branding statements, plans, and identities but are simply not putting in the work to make it happen.

You can definitely see this in the new era of social media personalities - Gary V, Grant Cardone, Tai, Logan Paul, hell...even the Backpack Kid (your forgiven if you don't know who he is...but I dare you to search it up and see what an ounce of being different and a TON of work will do for you

Anyone can create a brand...but few will have the work ethic to make it happen.
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