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how to get leads to my site ?
Looking for professional help i need new clients to my new site
Tried Facebook but cost much per lead where else to advertise?
Please check my site before reply on my signature
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    1. A Landing Page For Your Main Page
    (You can Get Leads) (Every Customers become Leads)
    2. A Powerful Thing (For Customer Attraction ) And Facebook advertisement For Your Website

    And Thank You(You Help me For My Payment Gateway Problem)
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    Success Of Facebook Advertising Depend On Customer Attraction
    (If Customer Can Make Money , Everyone Come To Your Website.)
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    I have checked your website. Is not really clear what you are selling. Only after reading through half of the page i understood that you are providing marketing services. But if you are here asking for help on how to market your site and how to get leads, how are you going to help your future clients?

    There are grammatical errors, the page design looks amateurish and unprofessional and there is not enough content or information. To be honest with you i don't think you will get any traction with this website. I don't want to bring you down but maybe, before putting any money or efforts into the site, would be better to consider to go back to the drawing board and rethink pretty much everything about your business.

    Good Luck
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    no offense.. but the very service you are wanting to offer your clients, you are here asking how to do it.

    Your website.. lose the bold text.. break up the sections a bit more. separate and define your headlines.

    you need to make the CTA ( Call to action ) at the bottom of your page more clear.. you want to give the reader a free e-book all they have to do is enter there e-mail address. Look at other peoples landing pages and CTA to get a better idea how they are formatted.

    Best of luck
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I checked your page and must say that it isn't very clear. You should work on it first and get straight to the point. Try to make it shorter and easier to read. The first view is important.
    This system gave me my first PROFITS. Pays 100% commissions, provides all the traffic I need.The BEST it goes viral.

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    how to get leads to my site ?
    Looking for professional help i need new clients to my new site
    Tried Facebook but cost much per lead where else to advertise?
    I tried Facebook ads and it was not effective as expected like forums. So I would recommend finding forums which related to your niches.

    If you are in make money online, marketing, affirliate marketing then I would choose between these forums.


    They are top forums with good traffic and can help you to increase sales for your new sites.

    I hope it helps.
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    you know you can use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc... But also, you can check out blogs or forums related to your website offer, and try to promote over there, it should be relevant for this, even if it takes some time, but still, normally it goes free. Good luck on this.
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      Social media doesn't help more for advertising and it only works for any niches.
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    Hey buddy you can also try to promote on blogs, or forums, that are related to your website, and make it. Also, you can make some good videos that describe the service of your website, that you could share on Youtube, with a direct link to your website.
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      I agree with this idea, especially using video marketing, we can get more free traffic from video sites as youtube, vimeo..etc.
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    There are many FB group, you can join in these group first, then you can make post there. You can do Forum posting, Article Submission, Relevant blog comment & so you. You have to make back link. Then you will get free lead. Thanks for your advance.
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    It's unclear what you are looking to do with your webpage? It was not obvious what the purpose of your webpage was??? Facebook can certainly be a great way to get leads cheaply, I know people getting them for $.04 a lead.

    There are countless was to get traffic to your website. If social media is your thing, then you can also use Instagram and YouTube as well as blogging with SEO to generate traffic.


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    I couldn't find your signature...

    Anyhow, here's some threads that talks about getting traffic and leads:




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