Product and website ready but no traffic

by Emgee
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I've built a SAAS B2B product and website but am struggling to get traffic from potential customers.

Ive tried paid advertising but its way too expensive per click- i dont get a return on investment.

Any ideas or pointers to the right direction would be very much appreciated. My target is small business owners who want to offer online bookings on their site.
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    What kind of online bookings?
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      Pretty much anything for a future date and time, like photo sessions, bus tours etc.

      I made it flexible so it can be used for all kinds of businesses, but i think i'll need to market to specific niches
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        Have you tried promote your product on Facebook Group?
        I've got traffics from FB Group, not so much but I almost got the targetted traffics, not bad and it's free.

        Start find FB Group that related to your niche and join them, when you approved, you can promote/post your product.
        Visit Over 700K Aged Domains with Good SEO Metrics for Your Money Site or PBN. Backlink, Traffics, DA, PA, TF, CF, Semrush, Ale... read more
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    Go for targeted email marketing if you have small budget and need to reach more people.
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      Thanks for the suggestion martworld, I'll give that a go.

      Any tips on where to buy email lists from?
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        Sterling marketing solutions best email list provider. Try free samples.
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    I would't buy any email list. If you want to try emails you can buy some solo ads on Udimi.
    You can try to list your software on marketplaces like Codecanyon, Creative Market, Mojo Marketplace, CodeGrape.
    You can try JVzoo. I think that getting affiliates to promote your software might actually work.
    You could also try to get in touch with influencers/blogs that write about software and do reviews and offer them a healthy commission to promote your product.
    You can try some banner ads. or find some sites, software related, to buy some ad space.
    You can try sites like,
    Have a look at Avangate too, it's another platform to sell software.
    Research businesses that have a website and that would benefit from having an online booking system and call them and get them to bite, set up a meeting/demo and then pitch.
    Try PPC with the Freemium business model.
    If you are launching your very first product, you probably have no reviews and people have probably never heard of you and are unlikely to buy software they have never heard of.
    They are, however, likely to test out a product if it won't cost them anything.
    Try to release a basic version of your product. Remove one or two premium features and impress people with the 'Lite' version of your product, and they will be far more likely to buy the full version.
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      I'm reading secret sauce by
      Austen Allred and Vin Clancy at the moment.

      From what you're describing, you could do worse than to read it too.
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    Try to do some ON page SEO like
    1. Forum posting share your signature with your site link
    2. Guest blog post
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Get some dofollow backlinks that will be very good to get rank in Google search result
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    Have you tried Facebook? Build a fanpage, post on your page some attation grabbing stuff rlated to your product, than share it into open groups. Use good hashtags and you will recieve organic traffic. Give it a try.
    This system gave me my best PROFITS. Pays 100% commissions, shows how to get traffic for Pennies.The BEST the income grows on autopilote.

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    You may try B2B email marketing.
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    Organic SEO will be the best option.
    You can also try free postings on the business directories.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    SEO is the best option for Good ROI, But it takes time and patience If you have a new domain.
    Hire Freelance SEO expert which will optimize your site as per Google guideline.
    If you are startup then PPC and FB ads is the best option for good conversion (If you run ads effectively).
    FB ads are much cheaper than PPC.

    You can promote your business through different social media channels also like Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Facebook.
    Join some relevant groups and share your business post.
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      @Jassi Kaur.. this is the best solution. Sharing ur posts in Groups. It's free & fb ads are very cheap. Otherwise contact page admins. They will promote your business with low cost.
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        Yes, I used it for new sites, to make some traffic and getting leads.
        Yes, If you build good relation with influencers and top active social media users then you can ask them for post and share.
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    There are tons of good suggestions already about what you should try from my fellow warriors. I would recommend that you do a simple exercise before you start any of those suggestions.

    To build a successful business, you have to walk a mile in your clients shoes. You have to understand their needs, fears and desires better than them. Since your clients are supposed to be small business owners who want to offer online bookings on their site, list out the common problems they might be facing. They might be looking for a simple, easy to use and fast ticket booking solution.

    Find out the people who are complaining about your competitors and provide a solution to their issues and recommend your product. Provide free demo or discounts for first time clients.

    Find out their fear - people abandoning their site due to glitches in the ticketing system, payment system not working properly. Assure them that those things wont happen with your software.

    Find out their desires - turning their business profitable, scaling their business, etc. Let them know you can help them achieve their dreams by iterating the ways in which you can help.

    Find out where they usually hang out - like most frequented websites, forums, blogs etc. Post ads, post informative forum post, guest post in those blogs or start your own blog. Write case studies or ebook explaining how your product helped a company build a successful business, etc.

    Use these information to market your services effectively using the methods mentioned by fellow warriors. You will be able to convert more people into leads by responding to their needs, fears and desires.

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    Find somebody who has used your booking system to make money in a short space of time and get them to sing your praises on business forums.

    So far this week I have tried 5 booking system but haven't found the right fit.

    All found via Google ads.
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    You need to really be working on LinkedIn. Without knowing exactly who you are targeting, I am sure that within LinkedIn you will be able to target them specifically.

    Build out your profile as if it were a landing page.. then start joining all the groups that you think may be your target audience.. then start requesting connections.. start with LOCAL connections and work your way out from there ( Geographically ) At the same time start pumping out some content on the pains of the business and how to solve them... Don't say how your product solves them.. just point out how to solve them.. then you can say that you do have a solution to the listed issues and have them contact you.

    First and for most.. when writing the content.. make it informative, educational, and not salesy. You want to develop an amount of trust with your readers that you understand the industry and its woes... So when they come to you to hear about your solutions you are a leg up in the ability to close the deal.

    Hope that helps!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Thanks so much for the replies everyone, it's all been super helpful and has given me lots of things to try

    You guys are awesome, cheers
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    Blogging is my fave traffic builder because it is a near and long term, sustainable way to build your business steadily.

    Show off your SAAS knowledge, for free. Befriend other bloggers in this niche by promoting them. Your creating and connections will expand your reach, establishing your authority and growing your business.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by Emgee View Post

    I've built a SAAS B2B product and website but am struggling to get traffic from potential customers.

    Ive tried paid advertising but its way too expensive per click- i dont get a return on investment.

    Any ideas or pointers to the right direction would be very much appreciated. My target is small business owners who want to offer online bookings on their site.
    What paid advertising have you tried? Can you share more info? The more we know the more we can help.

    Are you getting any traffic at all? If so, where is it coming from?
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    Create several buyer personas, if you haven't already.

    Get on Twitter and start DMing people, without spam.

    Be consistent with your effort!
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    There are great replies here already. Follow them and good luck with your business.
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  • Profile picture of the author shopify experts
    Firstly make some strategy to rank your keyword in SERP. Follow these points:
    1. Do keyword research
    2. ON page SEO
      1. Speed optimizaton
      2. Content optimization
      3. Image optimization
      4. sitemap submission in webmaster
      5. Update robots txt file
    3. Do Off page
      1. Forum Submission
      2. Guest Posting
      3. Social bookmarking
      4. Social media optimization
      5. Document sharing

    Follow above guideline sure you must have get the result in 1-2 month.
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    You should create a blog on your website and start populating with niche related keywords articles.
    Start doing on page & off page seo.
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    Add a bunch of quality helpful content... Put KW's in the title of the content and the body.

    If you don't have a section for content add a blog to your site.

    Also you can link your content (post) to your social sites so when you post it post to your social sites automatically.
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    I am interested in the answers too.
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    There are many other ways to increase your site traffic. You can do Forum posting, Relevant Blog commenting, Article Submission, Social Media site. Thanks for your advance.
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    Hey Emgee, there could be a couple reasons why your traffic isn't converting.

    Are you ...
    Targeting the wrong audience?
    Sending the audience to an immediate sales page?
    Selling something too high-ticket first?

    I would need to see some metrics before assuming anything right off of the bat.
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    Email Marketing will be my best bet. It doesnt cost much. You could also try Forum Marketing.
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    Getting traffic and customers can be hard, especially paying customers. There are a couple of things you could do with your limited budget. You could cold email business owners with a pitch of your product. You could make it free upfront or give it a trial. Let them try it out for free then charge them after 14, 30 days or whatever you want. See how that strategy works then when you get a budge together try to run some ads to collect email leads and send them your free offer.
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    A good place to start is to find out where your target audience is located . This requires you to engage ask question and get feed back . You can run a few polls and surveys and use the feedback as a measuring stick .
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  • Profile picture of the author Ace Light
    Hello Emgee.

    Product is a SaaS B2B, online booking, appointment scheduling product.

    Assumptions (please do correct me if any are inaccurate):
    1. Pre-launch marketing was not implemented

    2. Market landscape audit was not implemented, so things like competition research, most viable target audience(s), target audience resistance and objections to solution, customer persona's, etc, etc. Is this correct?

    3. No target audience was in mind when it was created beyond "small business owners who want to offer online bookings on their site", and "pretty much anything for a future date and time".

    4. Paid advertising - too expensive, no return on investment

    1. You say product and website, what do you mean by product, is there an app as well as the website?

    2. No return on investment at all for the paid advertising?

    3. What were the keywords you targeted in the paid advertising?

    4. As you have no specific target audience, is it safe to assume all visitors from the paid advertising were sent to a specific page, ie your home page?

    5. What are the options for a person to show some level of interest on your website? By this I mean, do you collect emails, offer a trial, etc?

    6. What are your prices? What is your value metric for the pricing?

    7. You have one funnel, which all small business owners go through?

    8. What are you using for each stage of your funnel?

    9. What are the leaks like at each stage of your funnel?

    10. Has your product been tested? How is it deployed? Does your audience have the know-how to be able to deploy it?

    My advice (and comments):
    1. Stop wasting your money, stop the ads. You are correct in searching for scalable acquisition channels, but from the data so far, and admittedly you haven't shared enough (length of ads, etc), but from the data so far, things haven't gone to plan. Learning process, so lesson on the chin, and time for modifications.

    2. Look at your competitors, have they targeted any specific niches and why? You have no need to reinvent the wheel, and you have every right to learn from those who have come before. What have they done right, what have they done wrong, what gaps have they left, where can you stand, what do you bring, what can you do better.

    3. Look at your own product, what sets you apart from the others? UVP doesn't always have to be something novel and innovative, nothing wrong with being cheaper, and certainly being simpler is a much valued trait. So, why you, and not them?

    4. You need to isolate the various issues you have, and find out what the issues are at each stage.

    5. Pick a few niches based on data, then test them out. Work on finding out your core audience(s), bullseye audience, customer persona's, whatever you want to call it, as long as it's honing in on.

    6. Landing pages for each persona. Ads based on keywords for those persona's, so at least the right group of people are being sent to their respective landing page. You will now have cleaner data to go on. By cleaner I mean no contamination of data by a niche of people for whom that specific landing page is not meant for.

    7. Copy on pages needs to address each specific niches unique issues. Don't list features, and don't do benefits on their own either. Features you should know why, however benefits on their own is no different from hype. Live longer, run faster, die harder, etc, etc. Without there being something that states from whence the benefit came, that validates the benefits existence as being derived from a feature; benefits are just hot air.

    8. Contrast and journey. The sweet is so much sweeter, when you have tasted the sour. Remind them of the negative moments and how it affected them, then bring forth the revelation, the positives that your solution brings.

    9. If due to the data you have only one interesting niche, one core audience, that is fine. Narrow and deep, get the numbers on the board, then branch out. You obviously keep testing other niches, where else can you aid people.

    10. You are a startup, you are going to have to do un-scalable things for customer acquisition. So, things like posting in communities, online or not; guest writing on niche blogs, cold e-mailing potential users; engaging with potential users, etc.

    11. Email marketing, but you have no lists, it will take time to create a list.

    12. Purchasing lists; I would stay away from, for we do not know the interest level of entities on the lists for an online booking system, even if the list comprised of only small business owners.

    13. Cold e-mailing potential users; first email introductory / exploratory, sell nothing.

    14. Creating your own lists; offering what to get the email, what will your lead magnet be?

    15. What will you do with people on the lists, as in what will you email them about?

    16. Organic ranking in Google. When there are 100'000'000 results in Google for Online booking for small business owners, that is going to take some time. You are a business, you need to generate revenue now. That is not to say you should not be implementing things that will aid in pushing you up, however don't rely on that to bare fruit in the short term.

    17. Partnerships and piggy backing. Which organizations can you partner with that provide a different service to your target audience? Whose back can you ride on in order to get traction, however make sure potential partners in this case are not riding you.

    18. When you get some users who pay, offer them a refund for that month in exchange for a chat, and get more data. Use that data to update landing pages, email's, etc, if need be. Testimonials for social proof. Treat them like gold-dust, you, personally, are their customer service. Hopefully they will be your cheer leaders. So, in this regards, target potential users who have a large (relative) number of social media contacts in the same niche, who are also vocal.

    Ok, I am going to stop here, comment is too long, have things to do. So, to contradict myself, and to summarise:

    1. You cater to all, you nourish no one.

    2. Data is to be used to inform and guide, not clone. X +1 number of tips on how to bemoan the lack of creativity and brand differentiation. X +1 seconds to comply. X million and +1 ways to die. We are jaded and cynical, well at least I am.

    3. Test everything, only the sword is in the stone.

    Cheers, Ace.
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    yea i think use Targeted emails (tech niche,online businesses etc)
    also try jvzoo and Avangate they got army of affiliate who specialized just for promoting software..
    Build Your
    Dream Website & funnels- Clickhere Your Online Funnels free
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    Pay per click is more expensive try in another way like digital marketing-SEO, SMO, Email marketing, blogging. It all techniques is more effective but it will take time is generated to traffic. SMO is the best platform to get the relevant traffic.
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  • Profile picture of the author shameemreza
    Traffic is no doubt important in any online business. At the beginning I also faced same problem, but now its easy for me. Here I shared top 3 ways to get free traffics to almost any niche site, you can read it.
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    For me Facebook Ads worked wonders. What interests have you used to reach your target?
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    You can still promote onb free traffic, such as social networks groups Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, where you could share resources related to your offer, but also, you could but also, you can look also blogs and forums related to your offer, and promote over there, this are the ways more easier for you to promote freely. One other thing, will be if you can create a descriptive video that you could share on Youtube, and redirects your subscribers directly to your offer, this could be helpfull i hope.
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    As some others have said, organic traffic will be a good place to start. I'm actually in the same boat. I've built an SAAS product (link in signature) and am now focused on building traffic.

    Luckily I've been in a position of managing sites with millions of visitors each month in the past, so I've been able to quickly grow traffic to my own site.

    You main focus should be on writing the best content on the internet about your topic, and publishing it on your website. Then share this content on all your soical channels.
    Signature - You don't actually need a tonne of traffic to monetize your blog..
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    Just focus on the content of the product, Since content makes the readers to share or make an engagement with your product site.
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    First and foremost I think that any one building a product should build measure and learn in phases. It seems to me that you have created a product without getting approval from your prospects which saves you time and money in the long run.

    Now that you have the product I think that you should engage in the market place i.e groups so that you can get feed back and build upon that .
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    why can't you try to promote on blogs, forums, and social media?
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    Did you ever try bing ads yet?

    Bing Ads is cheapest paid traffic that i know out there.
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    Are your targeted prospects easily accessible? You actually went about things the wrong way. ALWAYS find the starving market first, then create a product and site around their pressing problem or desire. Never create the product first. Right now it sounds like you're in love with your product and don't want to start over or go into a different niche.... especially considering how much work you put into it getting developed.
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    Well, a few months on, and I'm no closer to getting the traffic and customers, but I'm re-reading this thread and all the useful info within.

    I paused the project in November to deal with a whole bunch of stuff, but now I'm back on it trying to figure out how to sell it again.

    I'm wondering now if I should find a co-founder that can deal with the marketing side etc. so I can focus on developing the software, especially since I can't seem to get much progress on the marketing side.

    Good point about finding a starving market first - I'll def. do that next time. Not ready to drop this one yet though, as the software is very good and there are already some happy customers. There must be more where they came from.
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    Make a list of things you can do everyday to drive traffic for free.

    Then complete that list everyday before you go to sleep.

    For example:

    1. Join related Facebook groups and make relevant posts.
    2. Comment on Facebook videos popular in your niche.
    3. Comment on upcoming Facebook events in your niche.
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